Food Poisoning and Waterborne Epidemics

Food poisoning and waterborne epidemics are infections or poisonings caused by foodstuffs, drinking water or swimming water.

What Is an Epidemic?

When at least two people have become ill after consuming a foodstuff or water of the same origin, there is a reason to suspect an epidemic, and further investigation is needed. The same principle applies to water in public beaches and swimming pools.

Report Immediately

If you suspect that you have become ill because of food, drinking water or swimming water, report it to the Environment Centre as soon as possible. The sooner the suspicion is reported, the better the case can be solved.


Tel. 09 839 231 26

Household and swimming waters:
Saara Horn, tel. 040 841 9964

Swimming pools:
Tuija Tättäläinen, tel. 040 847 3902