Parking supervision agreement

A parking supervision agreement is concluded to allow parking supervision on private premises, mainly in the yard and parking areas of real estate companies and business premises. Con-cluding the agreement is free of charge. The agreement specifies the means of supervision and constitutes an authorization for parking supervision to act on private premises. Operations are based on §28 of the Road Traffic Act (as of October 1, 2003). Preconditions for concluding the agreement and supervision based on it are:

1. Land-owner's or tenant's (e.g., real estate company's management board, authorized CEO/real-estate manager) decision on making the parking supervision agreement. In case of a fairly small housing association managed without external parties, the decision of the man-agement board is necessary. In case of business premises, a real-estate manager's/CEO's de-cision is acceptable.

2. Before concluding the agreement, the premises are examined by a representative of parking supervision (generally a parking supervisor) and a representative of the owner/tenant of the premises in question. Already at this point, the parties can agree whether the premises are supervised in connection with normal supervision or upon request. The traffic-sign arrangements on the site are agreed in the examination. A traffic sign for the site is attached to these instructions. The owner/tenant of the premises is in charge of acquiring the traffic and other required signs.

3. The agreement shall include the names of the representatives of the real estate in question. Representatives can be, for example, a member of the real-estate company's management board, a person permanently working or living on the premises, a maintenance person, etc. If the real estate is managed by a fairly large management company, the company's maintenance personnel can be entered in the agreement as representatives. The number of representatives should not be very big. Only a representative is entitled to summon an inspector on the premises.

4. Two identical and signed copies of the agreement will be made, and supervision will begin when parking supervision has been notified that the traffic sites have been placed and when inspectors have verified the presence of the traffic signs. The agreement shall state the party and address to whom correspondence related to the agreement shall be delivered (e.g., requests for statement specified in the agreement), phone number, as well as fax and email, if any.