Vantaa in Light

When the dark season comes, Vantaa turns on the lights. Myriad works of light emblazon the streets, buildings, squares, and marketplaces. In addition, the darkening season is filled with events such as the new light-art festival Reflektor Korso.

Works of light art in Vantaa

Light art brings joy to different districts in Vantaa! Some of the works will automatically turn on with the darkening fall and winter evenings, whereas some are seasonally lighted, which means that they will be in use or, for example, change colors based on a specific season.

This fall we are highlighting Vantaa pearls of light. Information about the works of art will be updated on this website, and we hope that they will bring joy to all Vantaa residents and visitors to the city.

Explore the art in your neighborhood or go out in search of adventure in a totally different part of Vantaa!

Koivukylä major region

Lighted 4.8-km bike route from Leinelä station

Penguin, Leineläntie (Kukkukallio)

Primavera square

Epinkoski traffic circle's light-art work, Epinkoskentie