Vantaa is planning a master plan for a tramline from East Vantaa to the airport. The tramline—called Vantaa Tram—would service from Mellunmäki subway station to the airport through Länsimäki, Hakunila and Tikkurila. Its estimated average speed would amount to 24 km/h. The planned stops would be at around 800-meter intervals.

Planning the tramline constitutes part of the ongoing 2020 Vantaa master plan work. Read more about the master plan:

Schedule of Vantaa Tram

A preliminary master plan has been devised for the tramline. The final plan will be completed by the end of 2019. At the earliest, building could start in 2025, which means that the tramline could be in use in the 2030s.

Other tramlines

Vantaa is also preparing for other tramlines besides Vantaa Tram. In connection with the master plan, tram connections from Jumbo toward Helsinki through Tammisto and from Pakkala toward Myyrmäki are being considered. Preparations are also made for changing the current trunk line 560 into a tramline.


You can influence planning of the Vantaa Tram in connection with making of the master plan in 2018-2019. Interconnections between all Vantaa’s tramlines are linked to the master plan’s interaction. Information on events, surveys and other interaction possibilities regarding the tramlines will be separately informed.