A Native of Aviapolis

The international airport city of Aviapolis is known as a fast-growing business and transport hub. Did you know that in the coming years, more and more people will find a home in Aviapolis? People of all ages and backgrounds, mainly from other parts of Finland and abroad, move to the neighborhood. In Aviapolis, residents, employees, entrepreneurs, tourists, and casual walkers meet. What do the new Aviapolitans dreams of and what do they value? What is the city of encounters and opportunities like? What is the city of the 2020’s like?

At the request of the Aviapolis Development Group*, expert Kimmo Rönkä looked at the future of Aviapolis. The result of the work was a series of articles “A Native of Aviapolis”.

* The Aviapolis Development Group members are The City of Vantaa, LAK Real Estate, NCC, Skanska, SRV and YIT. Group aims to market the Aviapolis area.


I: Suburb of Pioneers

II: Integration via residency

III: The Polis of Antiquity –Aviapolis of the Future

IV:The Port City of the 2020’s

V: Aviapolis after the coronavirus

Kaksi naista ottaa selfien

PART I: Suburb of pioneers

Vantaa’s Aviapolis is one of the Helsinki region’s new suburbs that is being built up. How does the future Aviapolitan organize his or her life and what is a millennial suburb like?

Horsmankukkia talon edessä

PART II: Integration via residency

Through history, pioneers have also been agents of change. Young nations and young cities renew quickly and attract others to join them with their energy level.

Juna-asema Aviapolis ihmisiä

PART III: The Polis of Antiquity - Aviapolis

What elements of the ideal city of antiquity can be brought to the 2020’s and what are the oikos, communities, and agoras, plazas like in Aviapolis?

Lentokone ikkunan takana

PART IV: The Port City of 2020's

The airport is the port of the 2020’s, which is the first contact with Finland for a visitor, traveler or worker.

PART V: Aviapolis after the coronavirus

How did the pandemic hit cities and blocks, what kind of domestic environment can stand isolation the best, and what is the post-coronavirus Aviapolis like?