Aviapolis lapsi hiekkalaatikolla

Aviapolis gives new dazzle to urban living

In the future, urban cities all over the world will be more efficiently placed near traffic hubs where apartments, workplaces and services are easy to access. Vantaa's Aviapolis is implementing the visions of the future already today by building an attractive urban center of 20,000 residents and 60,000 workplaces right next to the Helsinki-Vantaa airport.

On an international scale, the location of Aviapolis is unique: the area is right next to the airport, but in a pocket protected from noise pollution, so that air-traffic noise will cause no disturbances at all. The pleasant city blocks situated in such a central place will attract worldwide interest.

Carelessness is truly possible

For the residents, this translates into a living global community as well as diverse housing where services and cultural provision surround you around the clock. Aviapolis offers the possibility of easy everyday living in a totally new way.

Aviapolis’ main strength is its new mobility solutions, especially in how easy it is to walk in the area. Not having a car when living in the area is an easy option, since the public transportation alternatives as well as workplaces and services are almost at your doorstep. Good connections to any place in Finland or the world make people flexibly flow from one place to another.

Diverse housing

The first urban blocks will be completed in 2020, and Aviapolis’ services will keep on developing at a fast pace. The housing provision will be wide and varied, because Aviapolis is suitable for both families and smaller households. There will be various modern housing options.

In addition to new kinds of apartments, Aviapolis will have, among other things, day-care centers, brick-and-mortar businesses, activity parks, as well as an international school. Cultural provision and service coverage will diminish the need for having a car. The area will turn into a charismatic and active urban community.

Nature as an important resource

Aviapolis will be built into an ecologically and culturally sustainable city where nature is near and circular economy is a fact of life. The entire Aviapolis is a Smart & Clean pilot area, which, in practice, entails new mobility solutions, accounting for the environment, and a carbon-neutral lifestyle.

In Aviapolis, efficient housing and mobility solutions will be surrounded by a vibrant green-area network. Parks, bike lanes and recreation trails will offer safe and healthy refreshment. Green roofs, plants, park paths and waterbodies will soften the cityscape throughout Aviapolis.