Aviapolis - City with wings

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Aviapolis is an international airport city in the middle of a metropolitan area. Its location in a traffic hub has made it one of the largest and strongest growing business area and employment centre in Finland.

A safe and reliable investment destination

Aviapolis is the fastest growing business district in Finland with over 2,000 companies from which 500 international companies. Finland offers a stable business ecosystem, with your company benefiting from easy access to world-class tech talent, the most dynamic startup scenes, and a vibrant R&D environment.

Compact, diverse and walkable

The new Master Plan allows for a great variety of functions: A unique combination of workplaces, housing, services and recreational areas next to the Helsinki-Vantaa Airport. Aviapolis is a new kind of airport city offering you a smooth flow of daily life with ecological sustainability. In this walkable green cosmopolis, no place is very far away from home.

The fastest route between Europe and Asia

Aviapolis is in a hub of international and national traffic and passenger flows. More than 21 million passengers pass through the Helsinki-Vantaa airport every year and Aviapolis is accessible to 150,000 people by train in less than half an hour. The Ring Road III running through Aviapolis is a part of the European route E18 from St. Petersburg to Belfast, thus making it the most important international road traffic connection in Finland.

Map and estimated duration of flights from Aviapolis airport
Aviapolis is a rapidly growing airport city

Aviapolis core plan

Aviapolis core plan

Aviapolis Core is located next to the Aviapolis railway station. Aviapolis Core will be built as the most compact, diverse and walkable area in Aviapolis.

Aviapolis airport city

Living in an Emerging Airport City

Airports have long been considered noisy and unpleasant to live near. Why to bring housing close to busy airport? How to create desirable place to live and reside close to busy airport?

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Aviapolis gives new dazzle to urban living

Vantaa Aviapolis is implementing the visions of the future already today by building an attractive urban center of 20,000 residents and 60,000 workplaces right next to the Helsinki-Vantaa airport.