Käsityökoulu Helmen Otto nikkari

Basic education in handicraft includes creative problem solving and working with any materials suitable for crafting. The teaching aims to give the students experiences and skills to work independently.

Handicraft schools Vantaan Helmi for 7–19-year-olds and Vantaan Aiku-Helmi for adults provide basic education in handicraft. The education is intended for everyone interested in handicraft. Let your self-expression and creativity fly in the wonderland of different crafting techniques and materials! The teaching emphasizes the joy of creation and positive self-image. The basic studies for adults last approximately four years and the advanced studies three years. Children's basic groups are held in Hakunila and Hiekkaharju and children's hard material groups in Myyrmäki. The adult groups are held in Hiekkaharju. The application period starts in April.