Vantaan musiikkiopiston orkesteri, kuva: Tiina Kujala

The basic education in music provides a solid base for a lifelong hobby and a good stepping stone for a professional career in music. Music studies are goal-oriented and they include individual learning experiences as well as group work.

Vantaa Music Institute provides teaching according to the advanced syllabus in basic education. Vantaa Music Institute offers versatile music and instrument training in all classical and pop/jazz instruments, classical and pop/jazz singing, and the basics in music. The group studies include choirs, orchestras, ensembles, and band school. For optional studies you can choose, for instance, composing and musical theater. Children can start in music playschool already as babies. Open studies are available for students of all ages and skill levels. Vantaa Music Institute has 20 study units in Vantaa. The application period is in April and the entrance examinations are held in May. Teaching is available also in Swedish.

Music Institute BBG offers basic education in music without entrance examinations for 4-year-olds and older. In Music Institute BBG you can learn playing, singing, and music theory for fun or vocational studies in mind. The instruments and subjects are piano (classical and pop), violin, kantele, ukulele, guitar (acoustic and electric), saxophone, contrabass, electric bass, cello, transverse flute, drums, vocals (classical and pop), playing in a band, and basic courses in music theory and aural skills. Music Institute BBG has 20 study units in Vantaa.

Hämeenkylän Muskari arranges music playschool activities in the Pähkinärinne and Hämeenkylä areas. Music playschool groups: family groups for 0–3-year-olds, play groups for 3–5-year-olds, visual arts music playschools for 3–7-year-olds, instrument groups for 5–8-year-olds (kantele, transverse flute, piano, violin). Students have the possibility to continue their instrument studies in music school Musike.

Itä-Vantaan musiikkikoulu (East Vantaa music school) works in cooperation with the music school Soivat Musikantit in East Vantaa. The teaching includes folk music and instrument playschool groups, beginner groups, music lessons, instrument and vocal ensembles, bands, and musical theater. The instruments are kantele, flute, saxophone, piano, violin, guitar, bass, and drums. The school has no entrance examinations.

Jamkids music school arranges joyful music playschools for 0-7-year-olds. Jamkids music playschools introduce the students to the versatile world of music and teaches important social skills in a fun way.

Keski-Vantaan Musiikkiopisto (Central Vantaa music institute) gives basic education according to the advanced syllabus in traditional instruments, pop/jazz instruments, vocals, and theory subjects. The institute also arranges music playschool for 0-6-year-old children. Suzuki teaching is available in cello, violin, piano, flute, and guitar. Open studies are available for adults. The teaching takes place in Kartanonkoski, Veromäki, Simonkallio, and Pakkala.

Music day care center Lystileikki arranges music play schools for 0–5-year-olds and music training for 5–8-year-olds. Teaching takes place in Tikkurila, Hiekkaharju, Korso, Simonkallio, and Jokivarsi. Lystileikki works in cooperation with Music Institute BBG.

Musaiikki is a music institute situated in Kivistö. It offers basic music education according to the advanced syllabus and the basic syllabus for students of all ages. Musaiikki also arranges music playschool groups and kantele playschool groups. You can freely combine studies from classical and popular music. Instruments: violin, guitar, drums, transverse flute, naï flute, saxophone, cello, electric bass, and vocals. Group teaching: playing in a band, basics in music, violin and drum groups, oriental dancing, children's choir, and women's choir. Musaiikki has no entrance examinations but a trial period.

Music school Demo offers music and singing lessons and band lessons for everyone. The most important objectives of the teaching are good atmosphere and enjoyment of the music. The school offers options for students of all ages.

Music school Groove begins teaching in Vantaa in fall 2015. Groove arranges teaching in band instruments and any other instruments you are interested in. Additionally, there are pop vocal groups for the young. The school has the latest equipment, materials, and teaching methods. You can make a request for the location of a new study unit. Rokkimuskari is a music playschool developed by music school Groove. The teaching follows the basic syllabus of music and includes pop music, most common band instruments, and pop vocals. The available instruments are electric drums, basses, guitars, keyboard, and microphones. Rokkimuskari also arranges groups for babies.

Music school Musike offers versatile music teaching for children and adults from classical music to rock. There are no entrance examinations. The study units are situated in West Vantaa. The instruments are piano, violin, kantele, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, and drums. Music school Musike works in cooperation with Hämeenkylän Muskari.

Suomen kuoro-opisto (Finland’s choir institute) arranges music playschool activities, kantele and piano groups, choirs, and solo singing lessons. Both children and adults are welcome. Study units in Vantaa: Martinlaakso, Ylästö, Hakunila, Tikkurila, Korso.

Uudenmaan Suzuki-Instituutti is a music institute that provides Suzuki teaching in violin, flute, guitar, and piano. Children can start the lessons at the age of four or later. Shorter teaching periods are available for adults. The teaching takes place in the Multipurpose Centre Lumo in Korso.