Culture for Children and Youth

In Vantaa, children, young people, and their families as well as day care centers and schools are provided with high quality and diverse services in arts and culture. The events include music, theater, circus, exhibitions and guided tours, courses and workshops, as well as public events all around Vantaa.

Vantaa has two children's art centers: Art Centre Pessi in Tikkurila and Toteemi in Myyrmäki. The art centers offer activities, courses, and workshops for small children and school aged children. Additionally, several other cultural locations in Vantaa offer art education, cultural experiences, and activities. Schools and day care centers are also provided with diverse range of activities.

  • Culture for youth!
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Kulttuuriohjelmisto lapsille ja nuorille.


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Lastenkulttuurin ja kulttuurituotannon päällikkö

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