Free summertime meals

Puistossa tarjoillaan kesäruokaa. Kuva: Heidi Hölttä

The City of Vantaa offers free meals to children and young people under 18 years old. Lunch is available in the Vihertie resident park in Myyrmäki and in the Rautkallio park in Havukoski. The purpose is to invest in the well-being of families with children in Vantaa, to increase community spirit and to ease the everyday life of children and young people during the summer vacation.

Free summertime meals for children and young people

The participants in the meals are to take their own dining utensils to the meal: a plate and spoon. It is preferable that you bring other than single use utensils, for example plastic bowls. This way, we will act ecologically and decrease the amount of rubbish resulting from the meal.

The food is lactose-free, but it is not possible to take other special menu arrangements into consideration.

Welcome to enjoy summertime meals!

More about the arrangements of summertime meals.