serves both visitors and Vantaa residents

The City of Vantaa has launched a new one-stop Visit Vantaa website that consists of extensive information on Vantaa's attractions for domestic and international visitors, as well as Vantaa residents.

The site serves those who plan day-trips to Vantaa as well as those who plan to stay longer in Vantaa. It introduces Vantaa’s meeting places and festivals.

–Visit Vantaa gives ideas about what you can do in Vantaa, where you can stay, and where to eat well. Vantaa has plenty of top attractions that are now better highlighted, elaborates tourism planner Hanna Muoniovaara.

–We hope that Visit Vantaa helps the residents, too, to find new places in their hometown. In addition to attractions to see, the website includes an event calendar that informs about big events taking place in Vantaa. We also give tips on good restaurant and cafés, Muoniovaara adds.

Since a picture tells more than a thousand words, Visit Vantaa has many pictures, videos, and maps. The outlook of the site is consistent with Vantaa's people-oriented, relaxed and visual brand.

Vantaa wants to attract stopover passengers and conference participants

At the moment, Visit Vantaa provides Vantaa information in Finnish and English, but the Swedish- and Chinese-language versions of the website will be published at the beginning of 2017.

–Finland is constantly receiving an increasing number of Chinese travelers, so it is very important for us to serve them well. Hanna Muoniovaara points out that the Visit Vantaa website is also meant for stopover passengers who pass through the Helsinki-Vantaa airport and stay in Finland for just a short while.

Another aim of the website is to more intensively profile Vantaa as an outstanding conference place. Visit Vantaa highlights numerous versatile meeting facilities, situated all around the city, and Visit Vantaa blog publishes a monthly theme story on meeting places.

Check out the Visit Vantaa website at:

Published: 29.12.2016 
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