Aviapolis Urban Blocks –International Ideas Competition Result Was a Draw for Three Proposals

The Aviapolis Urban Blocks competition area is situated in the district of Veromies, right beside the Helsinki-Vantaa airport. With the open ideas competition, the City of Vantaa, together with other land owners of the area, were looking for proposals in which work, affordable housing, learning, daycare and recreation are combined in a synergistic and innovative way.

The objective of the competition was to generate an ideaslevel plan that will form the basis for
the land use and detailed planning of the area. Altogether 49 proposals were received.

–The competition proposals display a broad spectrum of views, ideas and solutions. The best proposals illustrate and concretise Aviapolis’s vision promisingly with a wealth of ideas, and demonstrate that numerous alternative approaches are possible in the competition area, describes the chairperson of the competition jury, City of Vantaa´s deputy mayor Hannu Penttilä.

Instead of awarding one winner, the jury decided unanimously to award the second prize between three proposals (á 40 000 euros). In addition, one purchase was awarded receiving 10 000 euros and four proposals were honored with “Honorary mention”. The top three proposals are from Italy, Sweden and Finland.

– We are going to work on the top three proposals further together with the citizens and other stakeholders of the area, Penttilä continues.

Housing for approximately 3000 residents, workplaces and a multipurpose building, called Atomi, which would comprise a daycare centre, school and possibly also other services, was to be placed in the area. The objective in Aviapolis is a sustainable urban structure that supports low-emission
modes of mobility and enables a lifestyle that is independent of car traffic which is why common and shared solutions were to be favoured as well as renewable energy utilized.

–The competition task was challenging in its diversity. Most challenging has been to create a viable model for mixing new business models, housing and services. The competition result however offers a good selection of choices for planning the area further, estimates member of the jury, Aviapolis project director Arja Lukin.

The competition jury rewarded the winners in a ceremony arranged in Clarion Hotel Airport, 1st of September 2017. The award ceremony was a part of the Airport Cities – Cities of the Future –seminar that gathered together developers of airport regions. Seminar was arranged by City of Vantaa together with Helsinki-Uusimaa Regional Council.

The competition is arranged by the City of Vantaa together with the local private land owners: YIT Oyj, Kiinteistö Oy Rälssitie 16, Kiinteistö Oy Vantaan Paavontalo, L-House Oy, and DBC Systems Oy in cooperation with the Finnish Association of Architects (SAFA). The competition area is 15.6 hectares.

Competition result

2. prize 40 000€ to proposal pseydonym "Inside Out"
Ibidem Design and Research Group, Milan, Italy | authors: Marco Baccarelli, Beatrice Galimberti, Martina Orsini

“Insideout responds very well to the competition brief and reinterprets the cityscape as a dense, diverse and activitydriven urbanity, stating a new image, giving Aviapolis a strong identity and a
new landscape in the context of both international and local concepts. The cityscape and the overall architectural approach are developed by putting into focus the citizens’ urban life.”

2. prize 40 000€ to proposal pseydonym "Lentäjän poika"
Kangas & Vuorinen Arkkitehdit Oy, Helsinki, Finland | authors: Esa Kangas, Johanna Vuorinen

”Lentäjän poika -proposals urban structure is distinct, yet fully in compliance with the objectives of the frame plan. The free-form of the urban wall is simultaneously robust and delicate, and
creates a sequence of expressive street squares and communal courtyards on either side of the wall. The architecture has been confidently designed.

2. prize 40 000€ to proposal pseydonym "Where the World Meets Finland (WTWMF)" Mandaworks, Stockholm, Sweden and MASS lab, Portugal | authors/Mandaworks: Patrick Verhoeven, Martin Arfalk, Andrei Deacu, Alessandro Macaluso, Giulia di Dio Balsamo, Mariada Stamouli, authors/MASS lab: Diogo Rocha, Duarte Fontes, Lourenço Rodrigues, Petros Terra, Petra Simões.

“The proposal WTWMF responds in every way to the competition brief and has with a beautifully clear and pedagogical presentation presented how a future Aviapolis can be connected to a multicultural world, while at the same time be a pilot for innovative sustainable circular planning, sharing systems and urban architecture.”

Purchase 10 000 € to proposal pseydonym "A million other things"
author: Heikki Muntola, architect SAFA, Paimio, Finland

“A million other things -proposals urban structure connects effortlessly to its surroundings and the objectives of the frame plan. The urban structure is in every respect a balanced and complete composition, yet also very flexible in terms of the size and internal structure of the blocks. The distinctive and confident architecture raises high expectations in a low-key manner.”

Honorary mention to proposal pseydonym "Taivas"
author: Kari Martikainen, architect SAFA, Järvenpää, Finland

Honorary mention to proposal pseydonym "Block Party!"
Arkworks Arkkitehdit Oy, Helsinki, Finland | authors: Mika Ukkonen and Ville-Petteri Nieminen

Honorary mention to proposal pseydonym "Urban Archipelago"
Quinzii Terna Architecture, Milan, Italy | authors: Chiara Quinzii and Diego Terna

Honorary mention to proposal pseydonym "A39080"
Mezcla Architetture+Gilda Convertino, Alberobello, Italy
authors: Gilda Convertino, Franco Alberto De Carlo, Blanca Franco Cordón

The competition jury comprised City of Vantaa´s deputy mayor Hannu Penttilä (chairperson), Tarja Laine, director of urban planning/ City of Vantaa, Arja Lukin, project director/City of Vantaa, Harri Isoviita, head of business division/YIT, Esa Turkka, director of business division/YIT, Ritva Rantanen, Head of real estate, Valion Eläkekassa, appointed by Kiinteistö Oy Vantaan Paavontalo, L-House Oy and DBC Systems Oy, Johan Pfeifer, architect, Arkkitehtiateljee Johan Pfeifer Oy and appointed by the Finnish Association of Architects Karolina Keyzer, architect and Tuomo Hahl, architect SAFA.

Text in italics (above) are extracts from the jury report.

The jury report as a whole in competition website.

Illustrations from the prize winning proposals.

Inquiries about Aviapolis Airport City and Aviapolis Urban Blocks –Ideas Competition: Project Director Arja Lukin, tel. +358 43 825 3621, arja.lukin@vantaa.fi

Published: 1.9.2017 
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