Over a hundred free events all over Vantaa during the wellbeing week

Vantaa Wellbeing Week takes place from October 9 to October 15, 2017. During the week, many businesses and organizations will support Vantaa residents’ wellbeing by arranging free-of-charge activities around the city. There will be over a hundred events in honor of 100-year-old Finland!

Vantaa Health and Social Welfare Department challenged local businesses, organizations and other actors to arrange wellbeing-promoting activities and events for the residents.

- The challenge was excellently accepted. A great number of actors that want to give their own input to Vantaa residents’ wellbeing enrolled in the Wellbeing Week, tells Deputy Mayor Jukka T. Salminen of Vantaa Health and Social Welfare Department.

The purpose of the week is to kick-start feeling good and to encourage Vantaa residents to pay attention to their own wellbeing as well as to the wellbeing of their family and friends. The wellbeing week will also celebrate 100-year-old Finland.

- The theme of the jubilee year aptly describes how wellbeing is best built: namely, together. On the other hand, it is important to take care of oneself, since a wellbeing person spreads feeling good around.

A new hobby and good habit from the Wellbeing Week

During the Wellbeing Week, you may, for instance, find a new hobby or gain tips on accounting for your own wellbeing. Wellbeing consists of many partial areas, which is why the week’s program ranges from yoga lessons to string music and from handicraft workshops to Indian head massage.

View the Wellbeing Week events in Finnish online at: www.vantaa.fi/hyvinvointiviikko. If you do not know which events are most suitable for you, you can ask Vantaa Info employees for tips at Vantaa Info Dixi, Myyrmäki and Lumo. You can also ask for tips over the phone, tel. 09 839 22133.

The Wellbeing Week will have its climax at the Wellbeing Fair in Energia Areena, arranged by Vantaa Association Circle, on October 14, 2017. The themes of the fair are, among others, feeling good and hobbies.

All the event organizers are responsible for the arrangements of their own events.

Published: 6.10.2017 
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