Customer survey for parents of children in early childhood education and preschool education

Vantaa, Espoo, Helsinki and Kauniainen will carry out an online survey to guardians of children in early childhood education and preschool education from October 23 to November 12, 2017.

The questions consist of: applying for a place in early childhood education/preschool education, beginning education, children’s upbringing and instruction, guardians’ participation, as well as communication between home and early childhood education. The survey collect information about how guardians want to develop the service and about what already functions well.

The metropolitan area municipalities’ joint customer survey was last conducted in 2014. The joint survey has been arranged at three-year intervals since 2005.

The results will be published in January 2018 and utilized in assessing and developing early childhood education and preschool education.

The survey is sent to guardians of more than 55 000 children. Instructions for answering the survey will be distributed to guardians at early childhood education places. Guardians can answer the survey in Finnish, Swedish, English, Estonian, Russian and Somali.


Published: 20.10.2017 
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