Vantaa prepares to adopt parking subject to a charge

Vantaa is adopting parking subject to a charge in the centers of Tikkurila, Myyrmäki and Kivistö in stages.

Parking subject to a charge will be implemented in stages. The ticket vending machines are planned to be installed in January 2018. Traffic signs will indicate areas where parking is subject to a charge.

Parking will be free of charge for the first hour. After the first (free-of-charge) hour, the parking fees in the most central places in Tikkurila are €2/h and elsewhere €1/h. As a general rule, parking is subject to a charge on weekdays from 7:00 to 19:00 and on Saturdays from 9:00 to 15:00. The maximum parking duration in some of the parking lots subject to a charge is four hours.

Parking becomes subject to a charge in the following places:

  • In Tikkurila, about 470 parking spaces—situated in the vicinity of Asematie, Ratatie and Tikkuraitti—will become subject to a charge.
  • In Myyrmäki, about 370 parking spaces—situated from Vaskivuorentie to Rajatorpantie and from Ruukkukuja to Jönsaksentie—will become subject to a charge. Of the above, about 220 parking spaces will be removed from parking next summer in order to accommodate for residential building.
  • In Kivistö, about 370 parking spaces—including Aurinkokivenkuja and part of Keimolantie and Ruusukvartsinkatu—will become subject to a charge.

Several methods of payment

You can pay the parking fee in several different ways. You can use the Easypark and ParkMan mobile applications, Easypark’s 0600 41 55 00 call service, and payment ATMs, seven of which will be placed in key areas. The ATMs will accept the most common credit and debit cards.

If you park your car in a parking lot subject to a charge for at max. one hour, you can use the parking disc as usual. No other payment will be charged. When you park your car in a parking lot subject to a charge for more than an hour, the payment transaction begins the moment the car is parked. The first hour will be free of charge; charging begins at the beginning of the following hour.

Tikkurila and Myyrmäki Vantaa Infos and Land Use customer service provide information on parking payments.

Why is parking becoming subject to a charge?

As city centers become denser, there are fewer parking lots on offer. Short-term use of them is promoted, so that more parking lots are available to those who need them. The aim is that parking lots meant for transacting are available to service users and not in long-term use as is the case in, for instance, resident parking. On the other hand, parking lots subject to a charge make it possible to park for longer than before: for as long as you need. If, however, you park your vehicle for less than one hour, there will be no charge.

Making parking subject to a charge also aims to promote the use of sustainable modes of transport, attractiveness of city centers, and accessibility of services.

More information on parking subject to a charge and means of payment.

Published: 24.10.2017 
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