Vantaa Market of Possibilities invites organizations to street festival

Sun Festival 2017 / Photo: Ilari Poikonen

Vantaa Market of Possibilities will again take place in May as part of Sun Festival, an international street festival. The event on Saturday, May 12, 2018, in Tikkurila's Asematie and Kirjastopuisto welcomes associations and other organizations to come and present their operations.

Sun Festival and Vantaa Market of Possibilities introduce Vantaa in its multiple forms and offer high-quality, free-of-charge activities to people of all ages. Traditionally, participants have consisted of, among others, local sports, youth and cultural organizations, as well as local actors. In addition, the event will offer perspectives on, for instance, multiculturalism, global development trends, and environmental issues.

According to cultural producer Kaisa Rapanen, the multicultural event is ideal for Vantaa.

“For several years already, the percentage of foreign-language speakers among residents in Vantaa has exceeded that of any other municipality in Finland. Of Vantaa residents, a little less than 17% speak a mother tongue other than Finnish or Swedish. In Vantaa, the spectrum of cultures is truly present,” Rapanen touts.

"In addition to multiculturalism, we want the event to increasingly highlight environmental issues that are of great importance, also on the global scale. In the Market of Possibilities, you can account for ecology, for example, by arranging activities related to the theme or by tipping others off about environmentally-friendly operating models. We also welcome businesses’ outlets, consistent with the themes of the event, to participate,” Rapanen encourages.

This year you can, again, look forward to a colorful, fun and communal event enroll your own organization in the event!

Vantaa Market of Possibilities enrollment form is available online at:

Vantaa Market of Possibilities was arranged for the first time in 2013. Kepa a platform for Finnish civil society organizations and an expert on global development issues coordinates the national Market of Possibilities network.

Published: 19.1.2018 
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