Vantaa offers free-of-charge contraception to under-20-year-olds — benefits well researched

Fully free-of-charge contraception will be offered to all under-20-year-olds as of March 1, 2018. A research article from Vantaa’s free newspaper will be published today in American Journal of Public Health.

Vantaa wants to promote sexual health and reduce abortions and sexually transmitted diseases (STDs).

“The National Institute for Health and Welfare's (THL) sexual- and reproductive health operational program recommends that contraception be given free-of-charge to those under 20 years, and Vantaa wants to adopt this recommendation,” says assistant head nurse Eija Väänänen.

In case of issues related to contraception, Vantaa residents are referred to contraception and family planning clinics that provide both hormonal contraceptives and condoms. Also schools and student health care distribute condoms to the young.

“The need and method of contraception is assessed together with professionals. Possible options consist of contraceptive bills, vaginal ring or contraceptive batches, long-term preventers as well as condoms,” Väänänen tells.

Vantaa residents of under 20 years of age that want to start contraception are instructed to first call a contraception and family planning clinic on weekdays from 10:00 to 12:30, tel. 09 839 50030. Over the phone, the customer gets an appointment where contraception will be planned and began and a care plan will be devised, and potential following appointments will be agreed.

When a care plan has been made, the customer can in the future pick up the free-of-charge packages from any of Vantaa's contraception and family planning clinics.

The contraception and family planning clinics have schedules for picking of the free-of-charge packages, so that in every weekday you can pick up the package from some clinic. For schedules and contact information, go to the contraception and family planning clinics’ website. You do not have to make an advance appointment: you just take a queue number and wait for your turn.

Published: 27.2.2018 
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