Apply for schoolchildren's travel card and taxi transportation for next term

For travel between school and home, students in grades 1–10 may get a free-of-charge schoolchildren's travel card, if the travel between home and school exceeds the determined kilometer limits, if the travel is difficult, or if school transportation is required for health reasons. Annually, around 1 000 schoolchildren in Vantaa get the free-of-charge card.

Students in grades 1-10 can get a free-of-charge schoolchildren’s travel card, if the travel between home and the local school exceeds five kilometers, or three kilometers in case of 1st-2nd graders needing special support. Under-10-year-old students in preparatory instruction get the card if their school travel exceeds three kilometers.

As a general rule, public transportation is used for school travel. In exceptional cases, however, taxi transportation can be arranged, if it is not possible for the student to walk or take public transportation. More detailed information on school transportation and grounds for granting the school transportation benefit are available online at the City of Vantaa website (in Finnish and Swedish). For further information, go to

How do I apply for schoolchild’s travel card or taxi transportation?

Apply for a schoolchild's travel card or taxi transportation online or fill in a paper form. You can fetch the paper form from school or print it online.

Application schedule for school transportation benefit in the 2018-2019 school year

  • Apply for benefit:
    • Students in grades 7-9: by March 31, 2018
    • Students in grades 1-6: by April 30, 2018
    • Students needing special support: by May 31 (or immediately when you know the fall school place).
    • Applications will be handled also during the course of the term, but no compensation will be paid for the handling period.
  • The decision on school transportation will be mailed to the student’s home address in June-July.
  • Download the schoolchild’s travel card at Vantaa Info in the summer, after receiving the decision.

You do not need to fill in a new application if the school transportation benefit has been granted to you for several school years and there are no changes in your information. In this case, you can download the schoolchild’s travel card at Vantaa Info already after termination of the spring term. You must reapply for the benefit if the decision on school transportation is not valid for the 2018-2019 school year or if your school or home address has changed. Students transferring from elementary school to junior high school and students transferring from junior high school to the 10th grade must reapply for the school transportation benefit.

You are recommended to download your schoolchild's gravel card at Vantaa Info already in June or July, after you have received the decision on school transportation; this will help you avoid the August congestion. When you go to download the card, take with you your ID card and the schoolchild’s travel card you used in the previous term, if any.

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Published: 20.3.2018 
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