Dance weeks entice people to dance at Vantaa malls and art centers

Photo: Sakari Manninen

In connection with the International Dance Day, Vantaa will again celebrate Dance weeks on April 17-29. The theme weeks are highly visible all around Vantaa, and versatile dance can be enjoyed in both art centers and shopping malls.

Vantaa’s children’s art centers will give riveting performances to the enjoyment of the entire family. Vantaa's modern dance theater Mamia Company will present its brand-new interactive Etsivätoimisto Nappi dance performance whose premiere will inspect the tricky case of the lost bedtime toy.

Notabene Duet group’s dance theater performance Maija Lepakkonen – supersankarityttö will address difference, friendship and tolerance, while Dance Theater Raatikko will invite children to take a vacation with the Clown Pottuwarvas and the Circus Princess Esmeralda. Helsinki Police Band's Nallekopla will arrange a dance for children while, at the same time, reminding the children of the importance of using crosswalks.

Dixi gets its own dance event

Jumbo will visibly celebrate the International Dance Day, April 29, with plenty of performances by different dance actors, and also the audience will be invited to join the dance, guided by a dance instructor. This year, program will also be arranged at Tikkurila’s Dixi. On Saturday, April 21, Dixi’s platform will be filled with fine and versatile performances: on offer will be, for instance, oriental dance, street dance and competitive dance.

Tanssikatselmus Stoori—now arranged for the seventh time—will collect hobbyists of various types to Tikkurila on Sunday, April 24, to interpret their own dance stories. The most interesting performances will also be seen in the review’s public performance.

Martinus will be home to fine modern ballet and flamenco

This year the International Dance Day will be welcomed in the top event of the theme weeks: at International Dance Day preparty at Cultural House Martinus on Saturday, April 28. The night will give an enticing combination of expressive top ballet as well as mischievously and intensely presented modern flamenco. Welcome to enjoy top dancer Minna Tervamäki's and the Swedish Pontus Sundset's Swan Songista as well as Katja Lundén Company’s Flamenco sauna! Vantaa mayor Ritva Viljanen will read the declaration of the International Dance Day.

Vantaa Cultural Services arranges the Dance Weeks. For more information on the performances and tickets, go to: Tickets must be booked in advance for free-of-charge events at children's art centers.

Published: 19.4.2018 
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