Celebrating Vantaa Day to the beat of Semmarit, Kalevauva.fi and Melrose

The traditional Vantaa Day is again celebrated on May 15 at concerts by fabulous and original artists. The events are free of charge.

Semmarit will rouse the public at Tikkurilantori as of 18:30.

Partying at Myyrmäen monttu (Iskostie 5) will start at 17:00 when Kalevauva.fi steps on the stage. At 19:15, Melrose will take charge of the stage.

Good vibes, humor and great songs

Semmarit—official name: Seminaarinmäen mieslaulajat—is a popular male choir that is famous for its excellent stage vibes and breaking the boundaries of traditional choral music. Last year, the imaginative and humorous band performed at the Independence Day afterparty.

Melrose—set up in Vantaa's Länsimäki in the early 1980s—is a high-spirited and intensive band that combines rock with rockabilly with an edgy touch. On Vantaa Day, Melrose will delight the audience with their energetic rock played with an uncompromising attitude.

Kalevauva.fi has become famous for songs whose lyrics are based on discussions conducted on the vauva.fi chat channel. The duo's debut album was awarded the Folk Music Album of the Year prize. Aapo Niininen and Kimmo Numminen, the pair that make up the Kalevauva.fi duo, describe Myyrmäen monttu as a splendid gig place and they promise that the audience can expect to see a full-blown Kalevauva show.

-Maybe we can get Tikkurila's Semmarit to feat as holograms in the Jyväskylä song? Niininen and Numminen also promise that there will be songs never before heard in Vantaa.

Vantaa residents were invited to participate in idea-generation work

Vantaa Cultural Services arranges the Vantaa Day concert in Tikkurila, whereas the Myyrmäki concert is arranged in cooperation with the Myyrmäki movement and Vantaan elävän musiikin yhdistys VELMU ry.

At the beginning of the year, Vantaa Cultural Services invited Vantaa residents to generate ideas for the artist to perform at the Vantaa Day concert in Tikkurila. The fourth biggest city in Finland has room for friends of many kind of music: there were almost 400 responses to the inquiry about desired artist and proposals for as many as 173 different artists.

Vantaa Cultural Services thanks all the respondents and ensures that the residents’ wishes for performing artists will be accounted for, to the extent possible, when planning Vantaa Cultural Services’ future events.

Vantaa Day concert in Tikkurila on Facebook: www.facebook.com/events/247374262474396
Vantaa Day concert in Myyrmäki on Facebook: www.facebook.com/events/196237227656079

Published: 24.4.2018 
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