Sun Festival brings the street party to Asematie and Kirjastopuisto

Sun Festival / Photo: Ilari Poikonen

Vantaa’s international street festival, Sun Festival, is expanding. This year, the traditional festival takes place on Saturday, May 12, at 10-16, on Asematie in Tikkurila as well as in Kirjastopuisto, a park that has only recently arisen on the other side of Tikkurilantori. In addition, Tikkurila library has lots of programs during the entire festival.

Sun Festival will again offer the public myriad high-quality and fun programs. A gymnastics show, Indian and Russian dances, dance theater Raatikko's senior dance group Ryhdikkäät rypyt, as well as NotaBene Duet’s musical dance performance will take place on the park stage, whereas the street stage will host, among others, folk singer Liila Jokelin and rock group Your Royal Madness.

Police officers Maltti and Valtti, well-known for their children's programs, will oversee the festival atmosphere, and the festival area offers, among other things, a hobby-horse track and Vantaa citizens' houses’ and Community Center Leinikki’s language-immersion cafe. Those who long for international tastes can fulfill their wishes by tasting Ethiopian delicacies or Asian dishes, served from a vehicle that a Finnish circus-artist duo brought from Thailand.

Vantaa Market of Possibilities highlights builders of a better world

Vantaa has an abundance of organizations and actors that are involved in building an increasingly pleasant, community-oriented, ecological and diverse city. Vantaa Market of Possibilities, arranged in connection with Sun Festival, acts as a meeting place where the festival audience gets to meet, for instance, multicultural organizations and organizations engaged in development cooperation.

This year Sun Festival and Vantaa Market of Possibilities will especially celebrate the 40th birthday of Vantaa Shelter Association. In addition, Vantaa Women's Bank, R3 The immigrant youth support association, Vantaan rauhanpuolustajat (Vantaa Peace Committee) and Hakunila International Organization will introduce their work on the Market of Possibilities. Businesses’ stands, meanwhile, show how used coffee grounds turn into an ideal place for growing edible mushrooms.

There will be altogether 43 interesting associations and businesses on Vantaa Market of Possibilities.

Vantaa Cultural Services arranges Sun Festival and Market of Possibilities together with local actors.

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Published: 4.5.2018 
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