Open early childhood education services cross language barriers - operations developed with the help of customer feedback

Employees of Vantaa’s Early Childhood Education received special thanks for their professional competence and friendliness in a customer survey where residents expressed their experiences in the services provided by the city’s clubs, residential parks and open day-care centers. The results will be utilized in planning operations.

The mean value of customer satisfaction for clubs and open day-care centers was 4.8 and for residential parks 4.3. Satisfaction was measured on a scale of 1 to 5.

The respondents wished for more outdoor activities, more efficient informing about services and events also in languages other than Finnish. The respondents were grateful for the opportunity to practice using the Finnish language in open early childhood education activities, and they wish to continue getting to know the language in open early childhood education.

“We want to support, among other things, immigrant families’ children in learning the Finnish language, as well as to create preconditions for their parents’ integration. We have created models for Finnish-language learning of stay-at-home parents together with the adult education institute. During several years, we have received good experiences that we plan to utilize more extensively throughout Vantaa,” says Sole Askola-Vehviläinen, director of early childhood education.

Open responses commended especially clubs’ pedagogical activities, open day-care-center employees’ professional competence, and the warm atmosphere in residential parks. The significance of open early childhood education services is crystallized in the following feedback: “This year, the long-sought-for best friends were found at the club.”

The survey was conducted from April 23 to May 13, 2018, and the respondents comprised 378 customers of open day-care centers, residential parks and clubs all over Vantaa. The survey was conducted as an online and form questionnaire. The previous joint survey of open early childhood education took place in 2016.

Published: 14.6.2018 
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