For schoolchildren's summer vacation!

For more summer events in Vantaa, check out the event calendar.

Support, help and counseling

Outreach youth workers will be available throughout the summer and offer support for young people’s concerns and life management. Kipinätalo is open on Tuesdays and Wednesday from 12:00 to 18:00 or as agreed. Call outreach youth workers, tel. 050 312 4372.

Youth workshops provide activities to 16-28-year-old Vantaa unemployed job-seekers. Apply for the workshops through TE Offices. You can also leave the application to Youth Services’ office (Kielotie 20 C, 01300 Vantaa).

In addition, Youth Work on the Train Tracks employees will be available at railway stations, in their vicinity and at youth events in the Metropolitan area.

School and student health care nurses Summer health centers will be available for schoolchildren and students from June 4 to Aug. 3, 2018, at 8–15, at Tikkurila high school. Summer health centers will serve schoolchildren and students, ranging from elementary school students to students at universities of applied sciences.

Events at youth centers

Youth centers will be open throughout the summer. There will also be various trips, as well as day and summer camps. Pakkala offers small-animal activities and urban cultivation - also the popular youth vans will circle in Tikkurila and Korso-Koivukylä. Youth van container will again cheer up the young at Myyrmäki monttu. Click here to see youth-center-specific programs (in finnish).

Libraries’ summer program

Hakunila library (Kimokuja 5) will arrange supervised activities for school-age children on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 13:00 to 15:00 in June and July. The program includes, for instance, board games, handicrafts, introduction to augmented reality and other fun. The program can also be tailored according to the visitors’ wishes. No preregistration.

Helmet library’s summer competition will combine reading and drawing. You can participate in the summer competition from June 4 to August 31. The prizes are movie tickets. This is what you must do: Read three books of your own choice during the summer. Draw a 3-strip comic of each of them on the participation form. Fetch the participation form at the library or print it on You can participate in Finnish, Swedish, English or Russian. Return the form to any Helmet library by the end of August, and you will be included in the movie-ticket lottery.

Koivukylä library's summer competition for children. Come to Koivukylä library (Hakopolku 2) and participate in the summer competition! We have made a treasure hunt, suitable for children, at the library. The start is at the post beside the service desk: follow the hints to find your way to the questions. If you answer the questions and fill in your contact information on the form, you will participate in the ticket ballot.

My Koivis instagram competition, Koivukylä library. Take a photo of Koivis in the summer as you see it. Tag us (@koiviksenkirjasto) with the hashtag #koiviksenkesäkisa. Koivukylä library employees will choose five best photos to be voted on. Please note that your instagram profile must be public so that we can see the photos. The prizes are movie tickets.

Warrior cats event on Tuesday, June 12, at 13-16, at Tikkurila library (Lummetie 4). The event will bring together readers of the book series.

Check out more library events on the libraries’ own websites:

Art, culture and dancing

Children's Art Center Pessi, Tikkurila

  • Tracking animals June 4-6, at 9:30–14
    The summer course that combines music and handicrafts teaches songs, playing instruments and making art with animal themes. The course is targeted at 7—10-year-olds, the fee is €30 / participant (bring your own snacks).
  • Art in the surrounding nature day camp June 6-8, at 10–15
    The camp is targeted at 7—12-year-olds. You will get to know the neighborhood nature by camping and through art workshops. The program includes making birdhouses and tote bags. The camp fee is €30 / participant (including lunch).
  • Enrollments in both summer courses:, further information, tel. 040 524 1401, Children’s Art Center Pessi, Kielotie 14, Tikkurila

Vantaa Art School will arrange several summer courses in Tikkurila, Kartanonkoski and Kivistö. There will be treasure hunts, a fantasy illustration course, art adventures, as well as a dance and theater day camp.


As usual, Vantaa Sports Services will arrange sports-oriented summer camps. In June (June 4-28), summer camps will be arranged in 14 different places in Vantaa. In August (July 31-Aug.4), camps will be held at Kartanonkoski school, Hakunila and Myyrmäki public swimming pools and Tikkurila Sports Center. The target group is 1—4th-graders. Online enrollment. During the camps, the children will participate in supervised activities such as exercise, games and play, handicrafts, movies, and outdoor activities. The program varies daily and weekly. After each camp week, there will be a trip to the Superpark sports park in Vantaa's Tammisto.

Finnish championships week will take place in Vantaa on July 5-8. There will be altogether 17 sports, including canoe polo, bridge, beach life-saving and X-trial. Also arranged will be various trials where people of all ages can test the sports and their feel in practice.

Activities arranged by the city, congregations and organizations are collected on the website.

Published: 14.6.2018 
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