More than 2 000 young people won study place in Vantaa in joint application

Results of spring 2018 joint application: Altogether 2 042 applicants gained a study place at Vantaa high schools and vocational college Varia.

Study place for 1 200 young people at Vantaa high schools

Altogether 1 205 young people were admitted to Vantaa’s Finnish-language and Swedish-language high schools. The highest average grade was required for Tikkurila high school whose lowest admitted average grade was 8.17. All applicants with the lowest average grade were not admitted to the high school of their first choice, because—in addition to the average grade on theoretical subjects—the order of the desired study places and, then, the average grade on all subjects, were accounted for.

The final number of those selected will be confirmed as soon as Lumo high school's lowest accepted medium grade and number of students are confirmed. The selection of students at Lumo high school is going on because of the grade revisions in the Opintopolku system.

The young have good possibilities of gaining a vocational-education study place

The number of students admitted to Vantaa Vocational College Varia amounted to 837. There were 880 start-up places, which means that places remain unfilled. The biggest number of students (127) were chosen for basic degree in social and health services and logistics (100).

In the future, more students will be chosen for vocational education through continuous application, which means that students can apply to Vantaa Vocational College Varia throughout the year. The education provision is presented on Varia's website on which you can also apply for a study place.

Student selections have been done, the names of the chosen have been published on educational institutions’ websites

Information on the selections is available on educational-institution-specific name lists that were published on June 14, 2018. The names of the selected students who have given their permission for the publication of their name, are posted on the educational institutions’ websites. In addition, the applicants will be informed about the selection by mail and email, if they entered their email address in the application. The selected students must confirm their acceptance of the study place at the latest on June 28, 2018, by 15:00. The high schools hope to receive the study-place confirmations on June 14, 2018.

Students receiving a reserve place will be personally informed

High schools’ and educational institutions’ canceled study places will be filled in with students on the joint-application reserve list. Students receiving a reserve place will be personally informed about it. Educational institutions will inform about study places not filled in in the system and / or on their websites.

Every young person guaranteed a study path

Even though Vantaa has plenty of start-up places, not all applicants managed to gain the study place they wanted. If you did not gain a study place, you can apply for preparatory training during the summer; the application period is ongoing and will end on July 24, 2018. Thanks to Vantaa’s education guarantee, all those ending basic school this spring are guaranteed a continuation place.

If you did not gain a study place, check your options and submit applications at Youth Counseling and Support Center Kipinä and Ohjaamo Vantaa.

The city’s website also includes the 2018 joint application preliminary educational-institution-specific average grades and number of students admitted to Vantaa high schools and Varia.

Published: 18.6.2018 
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