An open call for ideas and artistic projects for CulturaFest with a topic “Neighbourhood Languages”

An open call for ideas and artistic projects for CulturaFest with a topic “Neighbourhood Languages” is open till July 15 2018. We invite artists to reflect upon neighbours relationship in the city of Vantaa. How do people, objects and nature coexist with each other in an urban environment? What forms of neighbourhood interaction and social activity exist among representatives of different generations or different cultures living in the same apartment / house / district / city? Is common language (Finnish / Swedish / English / Russian, any other) required for mutual understanding?

We encourage diverse and free artistic expression, a variety of types of projects reflecting upon contemporary culture. Selected projects will be presented at the CulturaFest in the city of Vantaa.

CulturaFest is a festival of contemporary culture and a creative laboratory hosted by the Cultura Foundation. The festival has a goal to create a platform for a dialogue across communities, living in a multilingual Finland. In 2018, CulturaFest will be held in the city of Vantaa from 2 to 4 of November at the Culture Centre Vernissa. The festival is a non-profit event with free admission to all the happenings.

Conditions for applying

  1. Creators (artists, musicians, actors, writers, dancers, poets, directors, etc.) and creative groups living in Finland are invited to apply.
  2. Applications are accepted in free form in Finnish, English or Russian languages ​​by e-mail
  3. Application should include: a brief description of the idea, list of participants, the implementation period (including the preparatory period and duration of the project), space requirements and technical rider, financial conditions, contact information of the author or the creative team. Please attach project-related visual materials, links to audio or video recordings, if available.
  4. Application deadline: June 15 - July 15, 2018.

Evaluation criteria of artistic projects

  • correspondance of the project to the declared theme of the festival “Neighbourhood Languages”
  • the ideas of the project aiming towards constructiong a dialogue in a variety of forms,
  • participatory elements of the projects will be considered as an asset,
  • active interaction with the local community and environment of the city of Vantaa,
  • realistic technical execution of the project at the CulturaFest festival from November 2 to 4 in the city of Vantaa.

The results of the open call will be announced on the website of the Cultura Foundation and sent out to the applicants on August 10, 2018.

Published: 20.6.2018 
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