2 550 preschoolers and 2 700 first-graders begin their studies in Vantaa

In August, many young people are facing something new as they are about to start preschool, basic school, high school or vocational college. After the summer vacation, altogether around 2 700 schoolchildren will begin studying at basic school; approximately 1 150 new students will attend a Finnish-language high school and around 50 a Swedish-language one. Around 850 new students have been admitted—through joint application —to Vantaa Vocational College Varia. Around 2 550 children will begin preschool education.

Schools begin in Finnish-language preschool and basic education as well as in high schools on Thursday, August 9, whereas Swedish-language basic education and high schools will start on Tuesday, August 14. As a general rule, new students at Varia will begin their studies with a two-week induction and planning period as of August 13.

Finnish-language basic education and high schools will be on fall vacation from October 15 to 19, 2018, whereas the Swedish-language ones will have the vacation on October 18-19, 2018. See all the school-year work and vacation times.

National school peace declared in Vantaa

This year Vantaa has the honor of being the site for declaring national School Peace. School Peace for early childhood education, preschool and basic education as well as upper secondary education institutions will be declared on August 22. You can watch the event in real-time online at: www.koulurauha.fi.

Vantaa children and young people have participated in this year's Declaration of School Peace event and School Peace year. The students have highlighted influencing in school, and the theme chosen for the year is: ”You can make an impact. - Just a smile goes a long way.” From the perspective of peaceful school work, the fact that everybody can affect the school atmosphere by small deeds will be emphasized.

Ensuring the wellbeing of children and the young is a strategic focus in Vantaa schools. During the current school year, schools will focus on developing social skills and on boosting the sense of community and participation to prevent bullying.

The School Peace program is a joint program between Mannerheim League for Child Welfare, the National Police Board, the Finnish National Board of Education, Folkhälsan, and the Finnish Parents' League. Read more about School Peace online at: www.koulurauha.fi.

Published: 8.8.2018 
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