Area day

Area Days in Koivukylä and Kivistö

Would you like to influence local matters in an easy way? This fall, the Area Day will be arranged in Kivistö and Koivukylä in connection with the town festival; you are welcome to come to the city’s tent to talk with our employees and planners.

Last summer, Länsimäki town festival tried something new when the City of Vantaa participated in the event with the new Area Day concept. Vantaa residents were welcome to visit the city's tent to talk and generate ideas with the city's officials. The successful concept will continue this fall, when Area Days will be arranged in Kivistö on September 1, in connection with Kivistö town festival, and in Koivukylä on September 7, in connection with Koivukylä's wild night event. City employees and local planners will meet the residents and talk with them about topical plans related to the area in question. Come to the city's stand and familiarize yourself with services and local matters.

Both events will be arranged in cooperation with local actors. In addition to the city's tent, Kivistö and Koivukylä will have plenty of versatile program that will entice the participants for a long while. During Koivukylä wild night, you can walk along the cultural road from Koivutori to Havukoski youth club. Along the road, you will find street art, music, sports, workshops, catering, and organizations’ tents. Koivukylä Service Center at the library will be open all night long, and citizens' house Kafnetti will have a panel discussion on the Evolving Koivukylä theme. The performers on the cultural road's Noizy stage will be Atomirotta, AK, Jan Taagi, and Youtuber Hassan Maikal.

The programs of the events will be supplemented on a continuous basis. Read more about Area Day, Koivukylä's wild night, and Kivistö’s town festival.

Published: 20.8.2018 
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