Fall matriculation exams begin - students write on paper for the last time

This fall's matriculation exams will begin with the mother-tongue literacy exam on Monday, September 17, and the exams will continue, depending on the subjects, till October 3, 2018. In Vantaa, altogether 1367 students of day high schools and high schools for adults have enrolled in the fall examinations.

Schedule for the fall 2018 matriculation examinations

  • Mon, Sept. 17, mother tongue (Finnish and Swedish), literacy exam
  • Wed, Sept. 19, foreign language, advanced syllabus
  • Fri, Sept. 21, religion, ethics, social studies, chemistry, geography, health education
  • Mon, Sept. 24, foreign language, basic syllabus
  • Tue, Sept. 25, mother tongue (Finnish and Swedish), penmanship exam, Finnish/Swedish as a second language exam
  • Thurs, Sept. 27, second domestic language, advanced and intermediate syllabus
  • Fri, Sept. 28, psychology, philosophy, history, physics, biology
  • Mon, Oct. 1, mathematics, advanced and basic syllabus (on paper)
  • Wed, Oct. 1, Sami as the mother tongue exam

Matriculation examinations have become digital in stages as of 2016. This fall, only the mathematics exam will be written on paper. After this fall, matriculation examinations on paper will be history: next spring, all matriculation examinations will, for the first time, be entirely digital.

For more information on matriculation examinations, their schedules, and preparing for them, go to high schools’ websites or to: www.ylioppilastutkinto.fi/en.

Published: 14.9.2018 
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