Vantaa schools have temporarily suspended the beep test in physical-education lessons

Vantaa has decided to not use the multi-stage fitness test, i.e., the beep test, in physical-education lessons for monitoring the physical functional abilities of 5th—8th-graders. Vantaa will wait until the investigation into the Espoo case is completed, as well as until the Finnish National Board of Education completes its own further clarifications of instructions related to the measurements. Otherwise, the MOVE measurements will continue as usual.

The city has instructed principals and teachers about using the MOVE measurements and about suspending the beep test. The beep test is a line run measuring endurance. The MOVE measurements also include other tests measuring endurance, balance, mobility, and muscle strength.

Suspending the beep test is a precaution to ensure the students’ safety. The MOVE measurements are a national monitoring and feedback system measuring physical facilities as well as a pedagogical tool, compliant with the curriculum, devised together with health care, physical-education professionals, and OAJ, the Trade Union of Education.

Published: 18.9.2018 
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