Lumous contemporary circus festival of clowning and physicality

Taina Mäki-Iso: Medea – Clownish Rage Management
Taina Mäki-Iso: Medea – Clownish Rage Management / Photo: Mika Haaranen

The Lumous contemporary circus festival, on October 11-13, 2018, will present a fascinating cavalcade of inventive and thought-provoking solo performances. The performances at Korso’s Lumosali (Urpiaisentie 14, Vantaa) utilize clowning and masterful physical expression without forgetting humor.

The festival will open with a breath-taking joint performance. Agit-Cirk group's contemporary circus performances Väkevä and Lyydia translate into solid masterpieces of bodily expression.

In Väkevä, strongman and tooth-athlete (Sasu Peistola) performs close enough to touch and leads the audience to strongman rituals of ages past: for example, what does it feel like to stop a heavy metal shot with abdominals?

Meanwhile, Jenni Lehtinen's Lyydia is a lyrical and beautiful performance that expresses emotions arising from taking the human body and mind to their outer limits. The performers move on dome-like structures; balancing, standing on their hands, utilizing air-acrobatics.

Surprising, thought-provoking clowning with a sense of humor

During the past 10-15 years, clowning has become a subject of interest for an increasing number of contemporary circus performers. The Lumous festival will present two fine clown performances.

In Taina Mäki-Iso’s Medea - Clownish Rage Management, clown Martta performs the classical Greek myth of Medea who kills her own children in revenge. The cruelty of the story nevertheless horrifies the clown. Mäki-Iso tells that the performance is linked to rage management. Even through the amount of aggression in the world probably remains unaltered, its expressions have changed: for instance, hate speech is nowadays widely discussed.

“In Medea, I combine myth and rage, irritation and explosiveness, and make them ridiculous. According to the feedback received, the audience has found the performance empowering,” Taina Mäki-Iso says.

Kallo Collective's (a group specialized in physical comic art and clowning) Helga is a story about a former cabaret star performed by Henni Kervinen. The work addresses aging, womanhood and loneliness, and describes Helga’s story of life with warm humor. The performance utilizes clowning, mimicry and physical expression with occasional jumps up to the trapeze.

You can buy tickets to the Lumous contemporary circus festival at or at the door half an hour before performances, if tickets still remain. The recommended age limit is 10 years. Vantaa Cultural Services arranges the festival.


  • Thurs, Oct. 11, 2018, at 18:00 / Agit-Cirk: Väkevä & Lyydia, duration: 90 min., including intermission, tickets €10
  • Fri, Oct. 12, 2018, at 18:30 / Taina Mäki-Iso: Medea – Clownish Rage Management, duration: 60 min., Languages: English & Finnish, tickets €10
  • Sat, Oct. 13, 2018, at 19:00 / Kallo Collective: Helga, duration: 50 mins, non-verbal, tickets €10
Published: 2.10.2018 
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