Protect yourself and your relatives and friends against influenza

The seasonal flu is a respiratory tract infection, more severe than an ordinary cold, and it may cause severe complications. The flu vaccine is the best protection against influenza. If you take the vaccine, you can also protect the people close to you.

Health centers’ vaccination campaigns

We recommend that you take your vaccination on Saturday, October 20, or on Saturday, October 27.

Koivukylä, Myyrmäki and Tikkurila health centers give vaccinations on two Saturdays: Oct. 20 and 27, at 9:00-15:00. You can come to the health center without appointment or you can make an advance online appointment at:

“Based on the good experiences over the past few years, we decided to continue to give vaccinations at health centers also on Saturdays. It is easier, for example, for many employed people to come and take the vaccine over a weekend,” says medical director Kirsi Valtonen at Vantaa Communicable Diseases Control and Hygiene Unit.

From October 22 to November 2, all other Vantaa health centers except Koivukylä health center will give the vaccinations on weekdays. The vaccinations will continue at Tikkurila and Myyrmäki health centers from November 5 - 9, after which you can take the vaccination at Tikkurila Asema Apteekki's Terveyspiste, at a nurse’s appointment, from November 5-18.

See detailed vaccination schedule and instructions at:

Maternity and child welfare clinics' vaccination campaigns

Maternity and child welfare clinics will vaccinate children ages 6 months - 6 years, pregnant women, and family members of the above. Note! This year, the vaccine will be given to children up to seven years old (previously: 6 mos. - 35 mos.).

Maternity and child welfare clinics will give the vaccinations on Oct. 22-26, Nov. 26-30, and in week 2, January 2018.

See detailed vaccination schedule and instructions at:

Vaccinations for schoolchildren and students

Children in basic schools belonging to the medical risk groups will be vaccinated by their own school nurse. Student health care will vaccinate students belonging to the medical risk groups, inner circles of students who are predisposed to severe influenza, as well as social and health care students involved in patient and customer care. Student Health Care will also vaccinate those who are starting their military service and who study in high schools, vocational institutions or universities of applied sciences.

See instructions online at:

Free-of-charge vaccine recommended to those belonging in risk groups

Influenza can be a serious disease, especially to those belonging in risk groups. People 65 and older, small children, and pregnant women have an intensified risk of contracting severe influenza. The risk group also includes people, regardless of age, whose immunity is diminished due to a disease or its treatment. People in risk groups also face the risk of contracting severe complications.

The flu vaccine is free of charge for people 65 and older; pregnant women; children ages 6 months - 6 years; those beginning their military service; those belonging to the risk groups due to their illness; inner circle of those belonging to and predisposed to severe influenza. The inner circle consists of people living or regularly interacting with a person predisposed to severe influenza. Vaccinations to the inner circle especially aim at those whose inner circle consists a person aged 65 or older, an under-6-month-old child, or a pregnant woman.

The vaccine is the best protection against influenza, and the majority of those who have had it will not contract the disease. If you have taken the seasonal flu vaccination and still catch influenza, your disease will most probably be milder. Seasonal flu viruses are constantly changing, which is why last year’s seasonal flu vaccine will not protect you against the coming seasonal flu.

“The World Health Organization (WHO) annually specifies the virus strains, and the vaccine will be tailored for each seasonal flu. This year the flu vaccines in the national vaccination program will protect against four different virus strains, Valtonen tells.

Simultaneous protection against pneumococcus

When you take the flu vaccine, you can at the same time have the pneumococcal vaccine, subject to a charge. If you have had a pneumococcal vaccine during the past five years, you do not need a booster. Customers of Vantaa Home Care, Service Houses, and Koisoranta Service Center will be offered the pneumococcal vaccine free of charge. Furthermore, in 2018, all veterans will be entitled to free-of-charge pneumococcal vaccination.

At its mildest, pneumococcus may cause unpleasant but fairly harmless diseases such as sinusitis and ear infection. Under certain circumstances, however, it may cause severe diseases. The risk to contract severe pneumococcus-related disease increases with age, and the most common pneumococcus-caused disease for adults is pneumonia.

The pneumococcal vaccine is subject to a charge and requires a prescription. If a doctor deems the vaccine beneficial to you, you will get the prescription and can buy the vaccine at a pharmacy. Take the pneumococcal vaccine with you to the health center; it will be given at the same time as your flu vaccine. Read more about the pneumococcal vaccine at:

The flu vaccines of the national vaccination program have been used for decades. Also pneumococcal vaccines have been long in use; several hundreds of millions of pneumococcal vaccines have been given to children and adults all over the world.

Online appointment instructions

When you log in the service "Siirry sähköiseen asiointiin", you need to verify your identity with your bank identifiers, mobile certificate or certificate card.

On the appointment site:

  1. Click ”Varaa aika” (make an appointment)
  2. Choose under the ”Asiakkuus” (customership) field ”Kaikille avoimet ajanvaraukset” (appointments available to everybody)
  3. Choose under the ”Palvelu” (service) field ”Influenssarokotus” (flu vaccine)
  4. Choose under the ”Toimipiste” (office) field the health center with which you want to make the appointment. You can also choose a health center other than your own.
    Note! The flu vaccines are listed under the "Terveysasemat" (health centers), NOT under the "Tiimit" (teams).
  5. Click ”Hae ajat” (Find available times)
  6. Choose a time suitable for you
  7. Enter the reason for the appointment in the ”Lisätiedot” (further information) field.
    Note! ”Varaa” (make an appointment) will only activate after filling in this field.
  8. If you wish, you can choose to have a text-message reminder of your appointment. In this case, remember to enter your cell phone number.
  9. Click ”Varaa aika” (make an appointment). Your reservation is now completed.
Published: 16.10.2018 
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