The city is preparing for exceptions in meal and cleaning services on October 22 and 23.

There may be some exceptions in the City of Vantaa services on Monday, October 22, and on Tuesday, October 23, due to the Trade Union for the Public and Welfare Sectors JHL’s members’ political strike.

The 2-day strike may affect meal and cleaning services in schools, high schools, vocational colleges, day-care centers, service houses for the elderly, child protection institutions, detoxification institutions, and day activity centers for the elderly. In addition, the strike will affect some of the city's leisure services.
Vantti will provide district and local surveillance services and transportation services as usual.

Meals in early childhood education

The impacts of the strike on Early Childhood Education’s meal and cleaning services are still under inspection. Guardians are recommended to pack lunches that do not require cold-storage nor heating for their children in early childhood education. The lunch should be marked with the child’s name. In case of children with a special diet, the guardians are asked to prepare such lunches that will satisfy the child's nutritional requirements for the entire day-care day.

At the moment, we know that during the strike the meal services will function as usual in the following day-care centers:

  • Illenpihan päiväkoti
  • Illenpuiston päiväkoti
  • Kartanonkosken päiväkoti
  • Kuusikon päiväkoti
  • Kuusikkotien päiväkoti
  • Lystilän päiväkoti
  • Pakkalan päiväkoti
  • Pakkalanrinteen päiväkoti
  • Pehtoorin päiväkoti
  • Riihipellon päiväkoti
  • Tammistonrannan päiväkoti
  • Tammiston päiväkoti ja paviljonki
  • Y.E.S päiväkoti
  • Kanniston päiväkoti
  • Kivistön päiväkoti
  • Maitotorpan päiväkoti
  • Hämeenkylän päiväkoti
  • Varistonniityn päiväkoti
  • Pähkinärinteen päiväkoti
  • Jönsaksen päiväkoti
  • Karhunpesän päiväkoti (vain aamupala ja välipalaksi leipää)
  • Vantaanlaakson päiväkoti
  • Eppilän päiväkoti
  • Malminiityn päiväkoti
  • Simonmetsän päiväkoti
  • Simonkallion päiväkoti
  • Kämmekkäpuiston päiväkoti
  • Vallinojan päiväkoti
  • Vierumäen koulu
  • Kiirunatien päiväkoti
  • Maauuninpolun päiväkoti
  • Ilvespuiston päiväkoti
  • Saturnuksen päiväkoti
  • Siimapuiston päiväkoti
  • Itä-Hakkilan päiväkoti
  • Kimokujan päiväkoti
  • Hakunilanrinteen päiväkoti
  • Hiekkaharjun päiväkoti
  • Jokiniemen päiväkoti
  • Metsälinnun päiväkoti
  • Korson päiväkoti
  • Tarhapuiston päiväkoti
  • Rautpihan päiväkoti
  • Seutulan päiväkoti
  • Vapaalan päiväkoti
  • Hansin päiväkoti (ei iltaruokailua)
  • Sinirikon päiväkoti
  • Metsolan päiväkoti

Aurinkokivi day-care center can arrange meals fairly normally, but some changes are still possible.

Meals in schools and educational institutions

The impacts of the strike on schools’, high schools’ and vocational colleges’ meal and cleaning services are still under inspection. Students of schools and educational institutions are asked to prepare take-away lunches on Monday and Tuesday.

At the moment, we know that during the strike the meal services will function as usual in the following schools and educational institutions:

  • Helsinge skola
  • Kartanonkosken koulu
  • Kuusikon koulu
  • Pakkalan koulu
  • Vantaan Kansainvälinen koulu Point
  • Varia Rälsstie
  • Veromäen koulu
  • Vantaanjoen koulu
  • Kanniston koulu
  • Kivimäen koulu
  • Uomarinteen koulu
  • Simonkylän koulu
  • Vaskivuoren lukio
  • Kyrkoby skola
  • Varian tennistien toimipiste
  • Ruusuvuoren koulu
  • Kulomäen koulu
  • Itä-Hakkilan koulu
  • Lehtikuusen koulu Kaarna
  • Lehtikuusen koulu Havu
  • Länsimäen koulu
  • Korson koulu (ruokailee Ruusuvuoressa)
  • Vierumäen koulu
  • Kulomäen koulu
  • Sotungin koulu ja lukio
  • Jokiniemen koulu
  • Lumon lukio
  • Dickursbyn koulu
  • Ylästön koulu
  • Päiväkummun koulu
  • Seutulan koulu
  • Askiston koulu
  • Variston koulu
  • Rajatorpan koulu
  • Helsinge gymnasium
  • Koivukylän koulu

Aurinkokivi day-care center can arrange meals fairly normally, but some changes are still possible.

Social and health services can arrange meals and cleaning services during the strike

The Services for the Elderly and the Disabled is able to ensure meals and cleaning services in all the city's nursing homes (Simonkylä, Myyrinkoti, Korso, Malminniitty) and service houses (Pähkinärinne, Raikukuja, Suopursu, Veturikuja, Heporinne, Koivukylä, Metsotie). Meals will be delivered to Home Care as usual during the strike.

Vantaa Hospital's Katriina Hospital and Peijas can provide meal, cleaning and facility services despite the strike. The Services for the Elderly and the Disabled is able to provide meals and cleaning services in Malminiitty and Myyrmäki activity centers, in Koisoranta service center, as well as in Tammirinne, Viertola and Kuusela child protection institutions. Likewise, cleaning services can be ensured for health centers and dental clinics.

Sports and youth services during the strike

Vantaa swimming halls will be closed on Monday and Tuesday. Use of the city's gyms and indoor ice rinks may be restricted during the strike. The facilities will inform about potential exceptions directly to the clubs using the premises, as soon as the impacts of the strike are known. As a general rule, the sports facilities will be cleaned as usual.

Vernissa cultural center for the young will have no activities arranged by Youth Services. Tikkurilan Teatteri ja Sirkuskoulu’s and Vernissa café's activities will continue as usual.

We will inform about the situation on our website

We will inform the impacts of the strike in more detail, as soon as we gain accurate information. We will update the information in the news published on our website.

We have made an update on Oct. 18, at 16:15, as regards the situation of service houses, home care, and activity centers.

We have made an update on Oct. 19, at 11:10, as regards Health and Social Services’ meal and cleaning services, as well as arranging school and day-care center meals.

Published: 19.10.2018 
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