Extensive indoor-air symptom survey begins - tens of thousands of responses expected

Users of all Vantaa schools, day-care centers and Vantaa Vocational College Varia will receive a survey of indoor-air symptoms on November 13-28. Responses will be asked from 40 000 Vantaa residents: guardians, schoolchildren, students, and employees. The aim of the survey is to gain a comprehensive idea of the indoor-air situation on various Vantaa premises.

One of Vantaa's strategic goals is to improve the indoor-air situation on the city's premises. The survey of indoor-air-related symptoms will help us gain a comprehensive picture of the situation in all schools and day-care centers. The survey will collect data on indoor-air conditions and symptoms in the spring and fall of 2018.

In order to gain reliable results, we need responses from as many users of premises as possible; this also includes families who have not had any symptoms. Our goal is to get at least 70% of responses from every day-care center and school, which means that we expect answers from at least 28 000 respondents. The survey will be sent in stages to various groups of respondents as of November 13, at 10:00, and each group will have around two weeks to respond to it.

“We will focus on attaining safer and healthier premises throughout the city. Already in the course of this year we have prioritized repairs of schools and day-care centers. This survey of indoor-air-related symptoms is a great input on our part and an important addition to our indoor-air work. The additional data gained by the survey will help us appropriately target indoor-air repairs,” tells mayor Ritva Viljanen.

The survey will be sent in stages to various groups. The results of the survey will be completed and published in spring 2019.

The respondents include employees at the Education Department, Health and Social Welfare Department, and Real Estate Centre. The target group consists of

  • guardians of children at elementary schools, students at junior high schools
  • basic-education employees, including Vantti and health-care employees
  • guardians of children at and employees of day-care centers
  • students and employees of Varia.

The University of Turku’s SataKunta project will conduct the survey. Currently around 20 municipalities have joined the SataKunta project; their material will be utilized in scientific studies related to the project. The project aims to create a national operating model for building and maintaining healthy and safe office premises, as well as to help the municipalities attain the goals of the Healthy and safe premises 2028 campaign, set by the government and ministries.

For additional information on the City of Vantaa’s indoor-air symptom survey, go to: vantaa.fi/oirekysely (in finnish)
Further information on the University of Turku’s Satakunta project: http://www.utu.fi/fi/yksikot/med/yksikot/tyoterveyshuolto/satakunta-hanke/Sivut/home.aspx

Published: 12.11.2018 
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