Influenza vaccinations continue at Martinlaakso and Tikkurila Health Centers

The seasonal flu is a respiratory tract infection, more severe than an ordinary cold, and it may cause severe complications. The flu vaccine is the best protection against influenza. If you take the vaccine, you can also protect the people close to you.

We decided to continue the popular influenza vaccinations also next week, November 20-23, at Martinlaakso and Tikkurila health centers. The vaccinations are meant for all Vantaa residents: you can come and have the influenza shot at Tikkurila or Martinlaakso health center even if you are a customer of some other health center in Vantaa.

Vaccinations at Martinlaakso health center, Tue-Wed November 20-21 (6th floor)

Vaccinations at Tikkurila health center, Thu-Fri November 22-23 (3rd floor, room 99)

See instructions for making online appointments at:

Free-of-charge vaccine recommended to those belonging in risk groups

Influenza can be a serious disease, especially to those belonging in risk groups. People 65 and older, small children, and pregnant women have an intensified risk of contracting severe influenza. The risk group also includes people, regardless of age, whose immunity is diminished due to a disease or its treatment. People in risk groups also face the risk of contracting severe complications.

The flu vaccine is free of charge for people 65 and older; pregnant women; children ages 6 months - 6 years; those beginning their military service; those belonging to the risk groups due to their illness; inner circle of those belonging to and predisposed to severe influenza. The inner circle consists of people living or regularly interacting with a person predisposed to severe influenza. Vaccinations to the inner circle especially aim at those whose inner circle consists a person aged 65 or older, an under-6-month-old child, or a pregnant woman.

Simultaneous protection against pneumococcus

When you take the flu vaccine, you can at the same time have the pneumococcal vaccine, subject to a charge. If you have had a pneumococcal vaccine during the past five years, you do not need a booster. Customers of Vantaa Home Care, Service Houses, and Koisoranta Service Center will be offered the pneumococcal vaccine free of charge. Furthermore, in 2018, all veterans will be entitled to free-of-charge pneumococcal vaccination.

At its mildest, pneumococcus may cause unpleasant but fairly harmless diseases such as sinusitis and ear infection. Under certain circumstances, however, it may cause severe diseases. The risk to contract severe pneumococcus-related disease increases with age, and the most common pneumococcus-caused disease for adults is pneumonia.

The pneumococcal vaccine is subject to a charge and requires a prescription. If a doctor deems the vaccine beneficial to you, you will get the prescription and can buy the vaccine at a pharmacy. Take the pneumococcal vaccine with you to the health center; it will be given at the same time as your flu vaccine. Read more about the pneumococcal vaccine at:

Published: 15.11.2018 
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