Scarcity of survey responses - time to respond to the symptom survey continued

Responses to Vantaa day-care centers’ and schools’ indoor-air-symptom survey have come slower than expected. Guardians of elementary school students will be given more time to answer the survey. The beginning of the survey for guardians of children at day-care centers will be postponed by a week.

Only about a quarter of guardians of elementary school students have responded to the survey. Especially few responses have been received from Swedish-language schools; only about 13 percent. Therefore, guardians of elementary school children have been given a week more—that is, until Tuesday, December 14—to answer the survey. The response link is available in the schools’ Wilma system.
We need responses also from families with no symptoms.

“We need more responses, so that the research would be scientifically valid. We need lots more answers from all the schools in order for the results to be beneficial. We do not want the city’s input in developing indoor-air issues to be in vain,” says professor Tuula Putus of the University of Turku.

The survey targeted at guardians of children at day-care centers will begin a week later than planned, that is, on Tuesday, December 4. Completing several language versions and including them in the survey have demanded more work than estimated. The link to the survey will be distributed through day-care centers in week 49.

The response time of day-care center and school employees will also be continued till December 4. Around half of the employees have responded to the survey at the moment.

Surveys for guardians in several languages

The surveys for guardians of children at comprehensive schools and at day-care centers are in seven languages: Finnish, Swedish, English, Arabic, Somali, Russian, and Estonian. Also the employee survey is available in the above languages.

The indoor-air-symptom survey is conducted in November-December and targeted at users of the City of Vantaa’s schools and Vantaa Vocational College Varia. The survey will be sent to around 40,000 people. The results will be published in spring 2019. High schools are excluded from the survey, because they are included in Aalto University’s SIBI project.

Information package of the survey is available online at:

City’s notification of the beginning of the indoor-air-symptom survey, Nov. 12, 2018

Published: 29.11.2018 
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