Congratulations 101-year-old Finland – it's again time to celebrate together

Mayor Ritva Viljanen has invited all Vantaa's 4th-graders to celebrate Finland's independence at Energia Areena on December 5. During the day, there will be two receptions with identical contents, in which altogether around 2,800 children will participate.

This is the second time Vantaa arranges an Independence Day reception for fourth-graders. This year also, the celebration will have its climax in the performance of a surprise artist whose identity will be kept secret to the last minute. The 4th-graders will dance dances that they have practiced at school during the fall.

You can peek at the celebration on the City of Vantaa's Facebook site, when snaps from the afternoon reception are shown live. The entire celebration will not be sent live, but you can later on view the highlights on Vantaa Channel's video.

Come and celebrate 101-year-old Finland

Everybody is warmly welcome to Vantaa's traditional Independence Day flag-raising event on December 6, in front of the City Hall (Asematie 7). The event will begin at 9:00 with the flag fanfare.

Vantaa Evangelical Lutheran congregations’ bilangual chuch service will take place on December 6, at 10:00, at the Church of St. Lawrence (Kirkkotie 45). After the church ceremony, wreaths will be laid on solder's graves at the churchyard of the Church of St. Lawrence at 11:00 and in Ruskeasanta at 12:00. Wreaths will be laid on the memorials of those who died for their conviction in Hiekkaharju at 12:30.

Hakunila International Organization will arrange its traditional Independence Day celebration on December 6, at: 13–16, at Hakunila day center (Laukkarinne 4). The program also includes rewarding the year's Kulttuuriseppä.

Vantaa national defense organizations’ Independence Day celebration will take place on December 6, at 15:00, at Martinlaakso school (Martinlaaksonpolku 9). The event is open for everybody, and the performers include, among other, opera singer Jaakko Ryhänen and Puhallinorkesteri Louhi. Vantaa City Mayor Ritva Viljanen will give a speech. After the celebration, coffee will be served.

Published: 3.12.2018 
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