Medical articles distribution renews: you can soon fetch your order from Posti’s pick-up point or packet automat

Vantaa’s medical articles distribution renews. As of December 10, 2018, you can order medical articles or articles needed for treating diabetes to be delivered to Posti’s packet automat (Smartpost) or a pick-up point.

At the moment Vantaa only has two medical articles pick-up places: Koivukylä and Myyrmäki health centers. The situation will improve in December when cooperation with Posti begins.

- The reform will facilitate the everyday lives of those who order medical supplies to a significant extent. Thanks to the reform, we will gain many new places where residents can pick up their orders, for instance, when doing their shopping,” says health services manager Eila Koivunen.

You can pick up your order also from elsewhere in Finland, for example, in the municipality where you have your summer cottage. When placing the order, state where you want to pick up the package.

If you like, you can still order your medical supplies to Koivukylä or Myyrmäki health centers’ info points.

Medical articles are distributed to customers who, due to a long-term illness, need constantly medical supplies, which include, for instance, blood-sugar strips, diapers, fistula products and articles meant for treating diabetes.

Check the instructions for ordering medical supplies

Published: 10.12.2018 
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