New first-graders’ and preschoolers’ enrollment in education begins

Children beginning their education shall enroll in school and preschool education as of January 7. The enrollment period lasts till January 25. Next fall, 2 700 Vantaa school children and 2 700 preschoolers will begin their school attendance.

Enroll in school over the Wilma system

During January, the City of Vantaa will send a letter about beginning school to the homes of all Vantaa children born in 2012. With the compulsory education notification, the families will receive identifiers to online enrollment in school at:

Vantaa Infos will help you in online school enrollment and use of Wilma. When you go to Vantaa Info, take with you the student-specific key code sent to you with the compulsory education notification or the Wilma identifier you created yourself. The decision on the local school will be published on Wilma on March 28, 2019, or sent to your home address.

You will find more information about beginning school on the website.

Possibility of weighted-curriculum education

Children can take grades 1-6 in English, in Swedish-language immersion, or Montessori education You will find more information on the above at and schools’ open information events:

English-language instruction

  • The International School of Vantaa, Jan. 8, 2019, at 18
  • Kaivoksela School, Jan. 9, 2019, at 18
  • Rekolanmäki School, Jan. 10, 2019, at 18

Swedish-language immersion

  • Viertola School, Jan. 9, 2019, at 18
  • Uomarinne School, Jan. 9, 2019, at 18

Montessori education

  • Kuusikko School, Jan. 9, 2019, at 18

A separate application for bilingual and Montessori education shall be returned by January 16, 2019, to the school applied for.

Enrollment in preschool education on an online form

A child shall participate in preschool education the year before his/her compulsory education, mainly the year the child has his/her sixth birthday. You can enroll in preschool education online at vantaa.fii-pages or by returning the paper enrollment form to the day-care center. Online enrollment requires online banking identifiers or an electronic ID card. You will get the paper form from the day-care center or you can print it online at All day-care centers in Vantaa that provide preschool education will arrange an introduction to families during week 20.

In Vantaa, the municipal early childhood education service units and private day-care centers are responsible for arranging preschool education. Preschool education is arranged in day-care centers and in some schools.

Language-focused preschool education

Vantaa also offers English-focused preschool education. Language-focused preschool education will create interest in the language, and at max. a fourth of the activities will be conducted in English. For more information on language-focused preschool education and places arranging it, go to

Bilingual preschool education (Finnish-English) is arranged at Y.E.S. day-care center and Pilke Pohjantähti (a private day-care center). Koskikuja and Kukkopilli day-care centers arrange Swedish-language immersion.

You will find more information about beginning school on the website.

Published: 3.1.2019 
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