Vantaa reforms health centers’ phone service - the service will have longer hours

Vantaa has developed health centers’ phone service together with residents and employees. For Vantaa residents, the reform means more flexible transacting, since the phone service’s opening hours become four hours longer and services are gained on the one-stop principle.

As of January 31, 2019, health centers’ appointment number 09 839 50 00 will serve customers in all health-related matters. Health centers’ phone service will replace health counseling and nurses’ phone consultation hours. Calls made to health counseling and nurses’ phone consultation hours will be automatically transferred to health centers’ appointment number.  

Health centers to provide longer phone service

At the moment, health centers’ appointment number serves at 8-12. The new service number will be available at 8-16, which is a significant improvement for residents.  “We have even earlier been asked to keep longer hours, and now we can fulfill the residents’ wish,” says health services manager Ritva Tauriainen.

Residents as the motor of change

According to a Vantaa survey, residents have been satisfied with the quality of health services, but they have found it difficult to get services and make contact. The residents say that it is difficult to make an appointment by phone and the queue times are long.

“Motivated by the survey, we started to develop the accessibility of our phone services and we invited our employees and residents to participate in service development,” adds Tauriainen. 

“We had several workshops where we charted the residents’ and employees’ ideas. We also used service design as a tool that clarifies the customers’ service path and hastens their access to treatment,” Tauriainen continues.

As a result of cooperation, it was decided to develop and standardize health centers’ phone service and centralize employees under one roof in Tikkurila. 

By calling tel. 09 839 50 000, you can

  • make an appointment with a nurse or doctor
  • receive health counseling; when a problem requires you to visit a doctor, and, for example, advice on how to treat a common cold. 

An assessment of the customer’s need for care will be made over the phone; he/she will get advice on self-care or an appointment for him/her will be made with a nurse or doctor. 

Cancelations of appointments made shall be made by sending a text message to 040 574 4555. You must cancel your appointment at the latest on the day of the appointment by 8. The cancelation text message shall include the customer first and last name, date of birth, as well as the date and time of the appointment to be canceled. You can also cancel an appointment by calling 09 839 50 000 on the day before your appointment by 16. 

Published: 25.1.2019 
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