Draft for the new local master plan is ready for display

Local master plan of Vantaa is being renewed. Local master plan is a strategic land use plan which guides the development of the city structure and in which the long range vision of the city is defined. Local master plan also guides the drawing of detailed land use plans. The plan is being made for the whole area of City of Vantaa.

The draft plan is on display 18.2. – 29.3.2019. During that time citizens and other stakeholders can give their opinions of the draft plan. Based on the feedback, additional analyses and impact assesment the draft plan is refined as the proposal for the new local master plan.

You can tell your opinion about the local master plan via a map service by March 29th 2019. The instructions for the service are in Finnish, but you can leave your opinion also in English.

Public hearing of the local master plan draft will be held in English on 21.2.2019 at the City Hall (Asematie 7) at 18:00. We welcome everybody concerned to the event to give their opinions about the plan and to impact on the future of the City of Vantaa.

Published: 13.2.2019 
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