Health centers’ phone service is extremely busy - at the moment the call-back service is unavailable

At the moment, it is, unfortunately, impossible to leave call-back requests when calling health centers’ phone service number 09 839 50 000. We will answer the direct calls from 8 to 16, but the call-back service is at the moment unavailable.

We regret any inconvenience caused to you. We are currently recruiting new employees for the service.

If you need urgent health care outside office hours, or in case of acute and severe illnesses around the clock, contact
Peijas Hospital
Sairaalakatu 1
tel. 116 117

Call the toll-free number 116 117 before you go to the emergency clinic. You can also call 116 117 in sudden health issues when your health center is closed.

Published: 18.3.2019 
(modified: )