Site-spesific results of Vantaa's indoor-air-symptom survey completed

The site-specific results of Vantaa's schools, day-care centers, and Varia campuses are now available. You can read the site-specific reports at The University of Turku conducted the surveys between November 2018 and January 2019. The results describe the indoor-air problems and symptoms experienced by the users of the premises surveyed during spring and fall term 2018.

As expected, the sites vary greatly from one another. Significant measures affecting indoor-air conditions have already been taken on some sites. The results, however, provide further information on the success of these measures as well as on the development of indoor-air conditions on other sites.

The reports have only been gained on sites with a sufficient number of respondents. The primary goal of the results has already been achieved, since we gained an extensive general report on the indoor-air-symptoms and adverse effects in the city's schools and day-care centers. A press release on the general report was given on April 3, 2019. You can read it on news.

Sixty-two day-care centers received site-specific reports. The number of respondents in Swedish-language schools and the International School of Vantaa remained so low that no specific reports on them were drawn. The results have, nevertheless, been accounted for in the general report charting the situation in the city as a whole.

Immediate measures

Jokiniemi, Korso, Päiväkumpu, Simonkallio, Simonkylä and Vantaankoski schoos as well as Varia’s Myyrmäki campus are sites were immediate measures must be taken due to the amount of indoor-air problems or symptoms. As regards day-care centers, similar sites are Autioniitty, Koskikuja and Simonmetsä day-care centers. Employees and guardians at these sites will receive separate notifications of the measures being taken to improve indoor-air conditions.

Jokiniemi school has been repaired during and after the survey, and enhanced indoor-air monitoring has been started on the premises. Korso school will end its operations in the near future. The indoor-air conditions have been improved and are monitored by Delete oy. Vantaankoski school's operations will end on June 1, 2019. Simonkallio school will undergo basic renovation in 2020. Since March, the school premises have been in enhanced indoor-air monitoring as part of Smart & Clean’s indoor-air project. Measures to improve indoor-air quality have also been taken at Simonkylä and Päiväkumpu schools, but, based on current data, the Real Estate Centre will continue to analyze the problems. An indoor-air team already operates at Simonkylä school, and corresponding teams will also be set at Päiväkumpu and Simonkallio schools.

Indoor-air analyses are already ongoing on some Varia campuses, and they will be further expanded. Indoor-air analyses were made at Autioniitty day-care center in 2018, and they will be continued. Koskikuja day-care center is currently being repaired, and its operations have been temporarily transferred to another location. Simonmetsä day-care center recently underwent basic renovation, but more specific structural test are being made, since the problems verified earlier continue.

Detailed information on significant adverse effects are collected

Based on preliminary observations, Länsimäki, Mikkola and Veromäki schools have not been deemed to require immediate measures in the final results. A multiprofessional indoor-air team operates on all the above sites, and measures taken by the team will be announced as soon as possible.

Based on the results, the respondents have experienced significant indoor-air symptoms or adverse effects in the following schools: Havukoski, Hiekkaharju, Hämeenkylä/Sanomala, Itä-Hakkila, Jokivarsi, Jokivarsi/Nikinmäki, Kaivoksela, Kartanonkoski, Kivimäki, Kuusikko, Kytöpuisto, Lehtikuusi/Kaarna ja Havu, Leppäkorpi, Länsimäki, Mikkola, Peltola, Rekola, Ruusuvuori, Uomarinne, Vantaankoski, Veromäki, Viertola (excluding Jokiranta study unit) and Vierumäki. Corresponding results have also been gained concerning Jokiuoma, Kurjenpolvi, Näätäpuisto, Pähkinänsärkijä, Ristipuro and Varisto day-care centers.

Indoor-air analyses are already ongoing on some of these premises. If no analysis has been begun, the Real Estate Centre will, within the next few weeks, ask the personnel of these sites for more detailed information on the conditions where adverse effect are found. This will help us appropriately target more in-depth indoor-air surveys. We will inform the personnel and guardians of the continuation of the surveys as soon as possible.

It will take time to specify the repair requirements, but important, faster measures include, among other things, ensuring the functioning of ventilation, the quality of cleaning, as well as inspecting the need for indoor-air and structural analyses.

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Published: 17.4.2019 
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