A case of tuberculosis at Itä-Hakkila day-care center in Vantaa - risk of falling ill small

A case of pulmonary tuberculosis has been diagnosed at Itä-Hakkila day-care center in Vantaa. The child with the tuberculosis was present at the day-care center in early April. Children exposed to contagion were in two different groups.

Exposure does not mean transmission of tuberculosis, and even those who are infected face a small risk of falling ill. All the children exposed to tuberculosis have been charted, and their guardians have been contacted. Currently, there is no risk of infection; the children and the employees can act at the day-care center as usual.


Vantaa Communicable Diseases Control and Hygiene Unit, the director of the day-care center and HUS Epidemiological Unit have together charted the children exposed to contagion. The exposed children are referred to examinations compliant with instructions given by a pediatrician specialized in infections. When required, prophylactic (i.e., preventive) medication for tuberculosis can be begun. A person exposed to tuberculosis cannot further transmit the disease, unless he/she contracts pulmonary tuberculosis. Day-care-age children do not transmit tuberculosis.

Information on tuberculosis

Tuberculosis is an infectious disease, usually found in the lungs. When an infected person speaks or coughs, tuberculosis bacteria spread in the air. A person on the same indoor premises—for example, in the same room—may breathe the bacteria into his/her lungs and thus be infected. Tuberculosis is not easily transmitted: only around a third of significantly exposed healthy persons are infected. The following factors affect the risk of infection: intimacy of contact, period of exposure, disease or medicines potentially lowering the person’s immunity, and the number of tuberculosis bacteria in the air.

Only one in ten adults infected will contract tuberculosis in the next few years or decades. Small children, teenagers, the elderly and those with weakened immunity due to a basic disease or medication face the biggest risk of falling ill.

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Published: 18.4.2019 
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