What is a service voucher and how does it work?

If your own health center cannot offer you a non-urgent appointment, you may receive a service voucher for a private health center.

How do I get a service voucher?

You may get a service voucher from the health centers’ phone service or at a nurses' appointment at a health center. You will see the voucher on the parastapalvelua.fi website. If you need a paper voucher, the nurse may print it for you.

A one-off service voucher can only be given for non-urgent care:

  • A 20-minute appointment with a general practitioner or
  • for a driver’s license examination.

If you need urgent care, go the city's health centers’ day polyclinics or Peijas hospital's emergency care.

I have a service voucher, what do I do next?

Go to the parastapalvelua.fi website and log in with your bank identifiers, electronic ID card or mobile ID. When you are logged in, the system will show you the service vouchers granted you. You will also see the private medical centers where you can make an appointment.

Contact the medical center’s appointment service and make an appointment. When making the appointment, remember to say that you have a service voucher.

How do I pay with a service voucher?

Pay your fee with the service voucher in connection with your appointment. You will be charged €16.40, a sum corresponding to a reception at the health center.

Remember to cancel your appointment, if you cannot make it. If you fail to cancel your appointment, the voucher will be canceled, and you will have to pay your visit yourself according to the medical center’s pricelist.

Can I use the service voucher for laboratory examinations?

Yes, if you have a doctor's referral. For laboratory exams, use Vantaa HUSLAB’s (Myyrmäki, Tikkurila, Korso and Hakunila) service points and you are not charged extra. The voucher will not cover private laboratories.

What is the value of the service voucher?

The value of the service voucher:

  • Appointment with a general practitioner (20 minutes): €45
  • Medical statement of driving capability: €20

Published: 25.4.2019 
(modified: )