Time for election - remember to vote!

In May, it is time to choose Members of Parliament for the European Parliament. Advance voting in Finland will take place on May 15-21, while the actual election day is on May 26.

Vantaa has 12 polling stations around the city where you can vote in advance. If you decide to cast your vote on the actual election day, go to the place specified in the polling card that was mailed to you. When you come to the polling station, be sure to bring with you a photo ID, for example, an ID card with a chip, a driver’s license, or a passport.

Every Finnish national who is 18 years old at the latest on the election day is entitled to vote.

Voting at home, at an institution or abroad

You can vote at home, if you cannot reach the polling station without unreasonable difficulty. Order at-home voting by 16:00 on May 14, 2019, by calling tel. 043 825 0017, or by sending email to: vaalit@vantaa.fi. You can also mail the application to the election board. The notification shall state the voter’s address, phone number and identity number, as well as the same information about a family caregiver voting at home.

You can also vote in many hospitals, care institutions for the elderly and prisons situated in the municipality. People entitled to vote in the above-mentioned institutions are only the registered residents, not, for example, employees or visitors.

Those Finnish nationals who are permanently or during the election staying abroad can vote by mail. If you wish to vote by mail, order the documents to your address abroad. After receiving the documents, you can vote, and your vote will be returned to Finland, to the central election committee of your own municipality.

Find the advance polling station closest to you

1. Citizens’ house Rubiini, Rubiinikehä 2 B
2. Hakunila Library, Kimokuja 5, Vantaa
3. Hämeenkylä K-Supermarket, Ainontie 1 (new)
4. Community Center Leinikki, Leinikkitie 22
5. Shopping Mall Jumbo, Vantaanportinkatu 3
6. Koivukylä Library, Hakopolku 2
7. Länsimäki Library, Suunnistajankuja 2
8. Martinlaakso Library, Laajaniityntie 3
9. Multipurpose Center Lumo, Urpiaisentie 14
10. Myyrmäki Library, Paalutori 3 (new)
11. Tikkurila Vantaa Info, Dixi, Ratatie 11
12. Tammisto K-Citymarket, Tammiston Kauppatie 9 (new)

Contact the election commission

PL 1100 (street address: Asematie 7)
01030 Vantaan kaupunki
tel. 043 825 0016 or 043 825 0017


Published: 13.5.2019 
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