Health center services are busy — Tips to find services

Health centers’ phone service and assessment of the need for care are, regrettably, very busy. We regret any inconvenience caused to customers! Below are some tips how to find services.

In order to prepare for the overload, health centers’ day clinics have increased the number of urgent appointments and reduced the number of non-urgent ones. When required, we will grant a service voucher for treating non-urgent cases at a private health center. Read more about the service voucher.

How do I renew a prescription?

You can send an online e-Prescription request through Maisa and My Kanta services (also in English). The service request will be directed to the health center that has provided the prescription.

  • Go to: or
  • Log in the service with your bank identifiers, mobile certificate or certificate card.

If you cannot transact online, you can go to your health center to renew your prescription, but be prepared for the overload.

Where can I see how overloaded health centers’ services are?

Did you know that, if you fall acutely ill, you can go to any Vantaa health center day clinic? Queue times are listed online; that is, you will see how long you have to wait at any health center for assessment of the need for treatment and appointment with a doctor.

  • Check the queue times of health centers:
  • Go to the day clinic as early in the day as possible, preferably in the morning.

Note! If you have a personal doctor, always go to your own health center. If you are not a resident of Vantaa but have chosen a Vantaa health center and notified this in writing, continue to use only this original health center of your choice also in the future.

In non-urgent cases, go to your own health center.

How can I get an appointment with a doctor if my case is non-urgent?

If your own health center cannot offer you a non-urgent appointment, you may receive a service voucher for a private health center.

  • You may get a service voucher from the health centers’ phone service or at a nurse’s appointment at a health center.
  • Call health centers’ phone service, tel. 09 839 50 000, Mon-Fri at 8:00-16:00.

Instructions for using a service voucher.

We are sorry about the overload in our phone service. If at all possible, stay on the line to wait for your turn to have your need for care and service voucher assessed. If you cannot stay on the line, you can come to the health center and take a queue number.

Is it advisable to leave a call-back request with the phone service?

Yes, this way you do not have to stay on the line, but you will be called instead when it is your turn to be served.

  • Leave a call-back request with health centers’ phone service, tel. 09 839 50 000, Mon-Fri at 8:00-12:00.

Note! Because of the service overload, health centers’ call-back service will not be available on May 13-17; Friday, May 24; Wednesday, May 29; and Friday, May 31.

What would be the best way to cancel my appointment?

Because of the overload in our phone service, we recommend that you cancel your appointment on the Maisa online portal or by sending a text message. This will save you from waiting on the phone.

  • Cancel your appointment on the Maisa customer portal at:
  • Cancel your appointment by text message: Send a text message to: 040 574 4555.
    • Enter your name, date of birth, the date and time of the appointment you want to cancel.

Cancel your appointment at the latest on the day of the appointment by 8:00. We urge you to cancel your appointment as soon as you know that you cannot make it, so that we will be able to offer your appointment to some other customer.

Who to contact when my health center is closed?

Call the Medical Helpline, tel. 116 117, in case of acute health problems when your own health center is closed. You will be referred to the right care place or you will be given instructions for self-care. The Medical Helpline service is available around the clock. Read more about the Medical Helpline service.

In case of emergency, call 112!

In life-threatening situations (e.g., severe chest pain, difficulty in breathing, unconsciousness, symptoms of paralysis, sudden seizures), call 112.

Published: 16.5.2019 
(modified: )