Vantaa is Starting a New Digileap in Educational Systems

Vantaa has started a project aiming at procurement of a broad learning and governance system. The objective is to develop a comprehensive educational system in which all the data, systems, and services used by teachers, students, principals, guardians, and governance are gathered in one place.

It is time for Vantaa to utilize digitalization and data management in learning and teaching. The multi-year project will develop the work being done in educational institutions and the governance of education. Through the comprehensive system, the users will be able to do evaluation, personalized support of students, and information management, for example, with more quality and more easily than with the current tools.

Business Finland is participating in funding the project with 5.4 million euros, which is the largest investment in innovative public sector procurements made by Business Finland. The City of Vantaa is investing a matching amount in the development work, and the entire budget of the project is about 11 million euros.

- Our vision is that by utilizing digitalization, we can produce even higher learning results, and teaching personnel will have even better resources to support learning. Our objective is, among other things, to prevent marginalization. We will gather information related to learning as a support for development measures, says deputy mayor Elina Lehto-Häggroth.

The multi-year job has been started with a preliminary investigation and market analysis in order to create different solution options. The investigation is continuing, and with it, applications available on the market and potential cooperative partners will be identified for building new products and services. We want to gather providers and users of digital educational services together on the same platform in a common ecosystem. Decisions have not been made yet in regard to systems or system implementation. The development of a broad evaluation of skills has already been started in pilot schools. About a dozen educational institutions and schools are participating in the pilot project at this time.

- Vantaa wishes to be an initiator in a broad educational platform renewal, which we want other municipalities to join. The governance and information management systems currently in use are scattered and partly nearing the end of their life cycle. Through this reform, we will create a single system of teaching, says Lehto-Häggroth.

- This is a great opportunity for Finland to promote the education platform economy and create growth opportunities for innovative educational and artificial intelligence companies of all sizes, says leading expert Piia Moilanen of Business Finland.

Published: 1.8.2019 
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