Psychologist and Curator Services for Clients of Early Education

The City of Vantaa will start offering curator and psychologist services free of charge at some of the municipal day care centers starting in August. Through the new operating model, about a thousand of Vantaa’s children in early education and their guardians can receive support for parenting and for the child’s growth and development. Vantaa is the first of the municipalities of the capital city region in which early education offers psychologist and curator services to its clients.

From the beginning of August, three curators and three psychologists will be starting as work partners in Vantaa’s early education. The service is offered in a targeted manner in some of the day care centers in northeastern, eastern, and western Vantaa, in a total of about twenty early education operational units. The service will be started as a trial over a limited period of time. The effectiveness and client numbers of the new service will be evaluated during the trial run.

You can meet a curator and/or psychologist at a day care center, at the psychologist’s or curator’s office in Myyrmäki, Hakunila, or Koivukylä, or even at a home visit. With the help of interpreter services, the meetings can be arranged in a variety of languages.

- It is good to seek out support with a low threshold. A curator and a psychologist can offer help in situations, for example, in which the guardians are worried about their child’s behavior or development, or if they want support for their parenting, says the director of educational services, Tuija Harakka.

An objective of the trial run is to strengthen the readiness of Vantaa’s children for their own learning and growth paths. With the service, possible later problems in childhood and youth can be prevented already at an early stage, and support measures can be offered already before the start of preschool education.

During the fall, the psychologists and curators will introduce themselves and promote the operating model at day care center parents’ events, among other venues. The service will be offered alongside other services for families with children, such as family counseling centers and community health clinics. Day care centers offer a new channel for support services for families with children in the child’s everyday life, so that the services are easily available close to the family’s daily life.

In addition to the client families, the curators and psychologists provide support to early education personnel for functioning in upbringing situations. The core of the new service is, however, that a multi-professional social and pedagogical sector group of experts that is sturdier than before will be built up for offering support to children and their families.

Published: 5.8.2019 
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