Great school day to all those beginning school

Havukosken koulu

Schools begin again in August, and there are many children who are now starting their school attendance. After the summer vacation, altogether around 2 600 schoolchildren will become studying at basic school and around 2 700 at preschool. In addition, around 1 200 students will begin their studies at high school. Around 850 new students were admitted—through joint application—to Vantaa Vocational College Varia.

Schools begin in Finnish-language preschool and basic education as well as in high schools on Thursday, August 8, whereas Swedish-language schools will start on Tuesday, August 13. As a general rule, new students have begun their studies at Varia as of August 5.

Finnish-language basic education and high schools will be on fall vacation in week 42, that is, October 14-18, while Swedish-language schools will have the vacation on October 17-18. Varia's vacations are based on personal study plans. See all the school-year work and vacation times.

Published: 6.8.2019 
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